H.H adddress before the National Assembly following the approval to refer the government's bill for distributing the electoral constituencies to the constitutional court.  
  16 May 2006  

In The Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful
 “My Lord make this land a land of peace and provide its people of the fruits”
Almighty Allah has spoken the truth

Praise be to Allah whom bestowed his blessings upon us and whom guides the misled and there is no guide for the misled but He. 
Your Excellency, dear brother, venerable Speaker of the National Assembly, Esteemed members,

We are gathered today in observance and in honouring of the pledge taken by the government on the seventeenth of last April, to present, before your venerable assembly its perceptions and recommendations pertaining to addressing the negative aspects of the electoral system.

The government has forwarded a draft law for re-designating the electoral constituencies as appears before you, to implement in the next elections of 2007, in accordance with the commitment declared by the government to endorse the ten constituencies recommendation.

As you are aware, the Cabinet of Ministers has entrusted a ministerial committee comprising of a number of personage renowned for their experience and devotion to the national interest. They will undertake to examine the shortcomings that have undermined the electoral system and the means of developing it, in order to deal with these flaws by which it will enhance sound parliamentary practices and achieve the desired national objectives. This committee has exerted every effort to obtain the best solutions and appropriate alternatives.

The Cabinet of Ministers also held long deliberations on the recommendations reached by the committee which have resulted in presenting the draft law that has been referred to your honourable assembly, recommending dividing the areas of Kuwait into ten constituencies according the chart attached to this draft.

Your Excellency, venerable brother, Speaker of the National Assembly,
Dear members,

This recommendation is a result of a lengthy and thorough examination of the alternatives put forward and in response to realistic and objective considerations.

The ten constituencies recommendation is the brainchild of your honourable assembly and was a general point of agreement with brother members, as was, the decision of your esteemed assembly to discuss the draft prepared by the committee for Interior and Defence Affairs, which conforms with that presented by the government- should the government fail to present its perspective on the deadline.  
Doubtless to say we seek idealism, we do not claim it, we strive for perfection, we do not profess to have achieved it; however, we have endeavoured and we ask Almighty Allah to grant us both.

Your Excellency, brother Speaker of the Assembly,
Dear members,

We are all mindful of the highly critical act of amending the electoral constituencies; the serious consequences of this matter transcend those of other laws. With regard to observations and scepticism raised concerning the recommended draft law, and in exemplifying the responsibility shouldered by the government, I have deemed it appropriate that it should not pose as an obstacle, preventing the completion of a significant constitutional aspect that would impart further satisfaction and confidence on the recommended electoral system. This was depicted by the government’s approval of the request submitted by certain members for the referral of the draft to the constitutional court, to ascertain that it meets all criteria and conditions stipulated in the constitution on this matter, as well as it being free of any suspicions and flaws. We may well question the justifications and reasons behind suspecting the position of the government which is epitomized by its keenness to complete this important aspect that enhances the legality of its recommendation according to the constitution. 

Will it be detrimental to bide our time and await the ruling of the constitutional court, as it is the authority qualified to resolve such matters! It goes without saying that the government asserts full compliance with any eventuality reached by the constitutional court.

Your Excellency, brother Speaker of the Assembly,
Dear member,

On my behalf and on behalf of my brother ministers. I wish to emphasize the government’s sincere belief in democracy and its pride in the climate of freedom we all enjoy. We shall never tire of any constructive criticism, or purposeful opinion. Your venerable assembly hall has witnessed numerous debates and widespread controversy over various issues, where positions and visions differed and there was a multiplicity of views and opinions, but the upper hand would always be in the interest of Kuwait first and foremost. 

We should expect such conflicting views regarding controversial matters, like amending the electoral system and we must not be apprehensive of the over enthusiasm and exaggerated expressions as long as they are within a familiar frame to our society, based on values of mutual respect and civilized conduct.
The scene witnessed in this hall yesterday exceeded the irreproachable image we pride ourselves on as a Kuwaiti society and has deviated from the frame of our solid national customs. We, therefore, stress that agreement and disagreement are a source of enrichment and an indication of a healthy practice, which is attested to by the oldest democratic systems. Exercising freedom and democracy as a means of building, and an achievement that enhances the country, not debilitate it. 

Venting unjust labelling, monopolizing national sentiments, restraining others opinions and practicing intellectual terrorism lead to destruction and devastation, they are elements of dissent and division rejected by the people of Kuwait.

Kuwait is one family; it is inherent in its people to live in harmony, accord, unity, and coherence. Our true religion of Islam unifies them, along with the values and principles set by our fathers and forefathers.

These maintained the sovereignty, standing and dignity of this country. Should differences of opinion transpire, they conducted calm responsible dialogue, through which they reached common terms. If there were opposing opinions then they resorted to “Shura” for an opinion they respected and adhered to. If their interests clashed, they put Kuwait’s interest above all else. 

Your Excellency, brother Speaker of the Assembly,
Esteemed members,

The burdens of the present and responsibilities of the future far exceed in their immensity, importance and gravity the burdens we are accustomed to. The criterion for loyalty, sincere patriotism to Kuwait and the pride of belonging is illustrated only in exerting limitless effort and devotion in serving it and maintaining its security and stability.
Democracy is a beacon of light which illuminates the skies over our beloved country, it was not born overnight, its deep rooted practices were established in this fine country before they became slogans bandied about by the capricious and those seeking personal interests.
The democracy sought by the people of Kuwait is the democracy that raises the voice of righteousness, respects law and order, achieves justice and equality, inspires effort and typifies awareness and responsibility. It is a democracy which renounces party formation and disunity, rejects contention and immoderation and rises above chaos and indifference. 

We are urged to bear our national responsibility whilst the essence of democracy remains pure, so our experience continues as an example to be followed and a constructive instrument adding to the growth of our national structure. We all work towards the glory of our country, realizing the hopes and aspirations of its citizens. To accomplish this, we need greater wisdom, cooperation, unity and to demonstrate our renowned national solidarity to maintain our dear Kuwait.

Finally, we thank Allah for His generosity and blessings and pray to the Almighty to protect our country from evil and harm, and preserve the blessing of security and stability. We ask the Almighty to assist us towards success and inspire us to serve its interests under the leadership of His Highness the Amir and His Highness the Crown Prince. May Allah protect them.

Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatu Allahi Wa Barakatuh

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