On the inauguration of the first session of the eleventh legislative term of the National Assembly.  
  12 July 2006  

Thanks be to Almighty Allah, whom granted us prosperity and faith and provided us with the means of success and affluence.
Praise be to Allah for His blessings, we resort to Him, we ask Him for forgiveness and to Him we repent. Allah's peace and blessings be upon His prophet and his noble companions.

In the name of Allah Most Gracious, Most Merciful
"… And that there is not for man except that good for which he strives, and that his effort is going to be seen"

Brothers, Speaker and fellow members of the venerable National Assembly:
Hitherto, it is with pleasure that I extend my felicitations to you on the invaluable confidence placed in you by the Kuwaiti people, having spoken their word and placed their trust in a commendable elite of this fine country. I also convey to my fellow countrymen my sincere appreciation and pride for their sophisticated practice of democracy in electing their representatives in the National Assembly, in a manner that reflects Kuwait's civilized attributes. This asserts Kuwait's renowned status.

I convey on my own behalf and behalf of fellow members of the government my heartfelt felicitations on the invaluable confidence demonstrated by the people choosing you as their representatives in parliament, wishing you success and soundness in the tasks and responsibilities pending.

It has not evaded us on this occasion to recall, with gratitude and appreciation the previous governments and legislative councils for their sincere efforts in shouldering the responsibility and facing the challenges along the way to building the nation.

As it has not escaped us on this historic occasion to reflect with loyalty and pay homage to our fathers and forefathers as we infer  to their honourable struggle in overcoming hardships and tribulations in a spirit of unity, deep seated in the principles of "Shura" until it yielded a genuine democratic approach for a contemporary state. Praise be to Allah for making us belong to this State. We continue on the guidance of our true religion and our compassionate Sharia. Thanks be to the Almighty for making faith, justice and benevolence the differential leveler, and imparting values that inspire lessons and virtuous examples in fulfilling our aspirations.

Permit me, as we stand before this sizable national event, in the spirit of the unified family, to convey the message of adoration, gratitude and loyalty to His Highness the Father Amir; Sheikh Sa'ad Al-Abdullah Al-Salem Al-Sabah (may Allah protect him) a man of stamina and a symbol of endurance. We pray to the Almighty to protect His Highness and bestow him with good health and longevity.

Brother Speaker of the National Assembly,
Esteemed fellow members,

We are gathered today to inaugurate the first session of the eleventh legislative term of the National Assembly, vowing to Allah that we shall be up to the responsibility of assuming the mandate, maintaining its capabilities and proceeding forward towards a new phase of national action. The image of the not so distant past is present in our minds with feelings of anguish as we grieved the loss of His Highness the Amir Sheikh Jaber Al- Ahmad Al- Jaber Al- Sabah (May Allah rest his soul and grant him paradise as his final resting place), eternally remembered as leader of the noted prosperity period. We all recall the affliction accompanying the bereavement, which resulted in the prevalence of democracy and reinforcement of constitutional legitimacy, rendering it a unique experience that earned the respect of the entire world.

The Kuwaiti people are credited for their determination in demonstrating feelings of sincerity and loyalty to their country and national figures, as well as their spontaneous personification of unity and objectivity.

The National Assembly is also commended for its unwavering steps; attributed to awareness, astuteness and responsible practice in the framework of our deep rooted constitutional system.

The ruling family is also laudable for its insight and devotion to unify ranks, express unanimity, and adhere to the concrete national principles.

Alluding to the latest events, it is reasonable to cite and record the events with pride, the blessing of freedom which accompanied the election process of members of the National Assembly. It was defined by a strong competitive climate and was held in a secure, integral environment. There was unprecedented, broad based, popular participation particularly that it was the first time Kuwaiti women were able to exercise their rights to elect and stand for election. We ask the Almighty for His blessings in this preliminary step towards the completion of the Kuwaiti woman's vital role in establishing, developing and consolidating our constitutional system. It firmly establishes our democratic experience and bolsters Kuwait's civilized status on all levels.

Perhaps the most prominent event witnessed in the previous period was the commotion accompanying the controversy over amending the electoral constituencies, despite the efforts exerted to deal with this issue in a way that achieves the comprehensive national perspective and our expression of satisfaction with regard to the participation across the social spectrum in the dialogue over this fundamental project, considering it a positive indication reflecting the vitality and awareness of our genuine Kuwaiti society.

Within the framework of the government's keenness and serious pursuit towards turning a new leaf; it has initiated the restoration of the draft law by redistributing the electoral constituencies which I have previously presented to your venerable assembly last May. The new government ratified, in its first meeting yesterday, a draft law to redistribute the electoral constituencies and submitted it to your venerable assembly. It is the draft that was reached by the ministerial committee charged with examining the means of handling the negative aspects of the existing electoral system and developing it. This ensues dividing the areas of Kuwait into five electoral constituencies so that the assembly may take the appropriate constitutional procedures on this issue. We are hopeful this receives the warranted attention and that the anticipated cooperation between the assembly and the government is realized, to accomplish what this draft represents: a serious step on the road to reform the electoral system, address its flaws and prompt the national action.

In implementing the directives of His Highness the Amir (may Allah protect him) and in compliance with his noble desire to alleviate life's burdens from a large sector of retirees , as well as resolving an issue that has long been discussed in the venerable National Assembly, the government has recently submitted to your assembly a draft law amending a few clauses in law number 30 for the year 2005 and amending some clauses of the social security laws with the objective of assisting retirees whom took out loans against their pensions and relieving their burdens.

Brother Speaker of the National Assembly,
Esteemed fellow members,

Your venerable assembly's summer break is round the corner. The government with the guidance of Allah, shall complete the preparation of its agenda for the next interval; it will initiate full understanding of the new pertaining information, by which its agenda, with which it will resume the next session of your venerable assembly, shall, by the will of Allah, comprise the entire issues and priorities at this stage, including the necessary executive fundamentals be they legislative, financial or otherwise as well as the regular follow up mechanisms which ensure improved implementation and amendment achieving the required objectives.

Esteemed Fellow members,

We are all mindful that we are going through a phase that could be the most complicated and difficult in the history of Kuwait and the region. Global developments are rapidly changing, where interests overlap and clash and considerations intertwine. We are destined to be caught in a cycle of balances, considerations and regional and international settlements, with their strategic dimensions; particularly those concerning security and economy. It is apparent that the challenges involved are difficult to ignore; they are our true state of affairs and require vigilance, collateral action and further sacrifices, in the frame work of a comprehensive perspective and proficiency in evaluating the course of events and successive developments to overcome the challenges we confront.

Esteemed fellow members,

Undoubtedly, faced with the information of the existing state of affairs, we need a pause to reflect on, and closely examine the accomplishments and anticipate future requirements in a realistic and objective context. Let us question, having gained the confidence of our people and born the responsibility of the present and future of our country, is it not time to overcome past experiences with all their negative implications? which wasted time and exhausted energy and resources, disrupted capabilities and potentials, sowing seeds of dissent and discrepancy.
Has the time not come to regulate freedom within the limits of responsibility and serving the public interest before it converges into chaos and an instrument of destruction?
Is it not within our capacity to shift from singing the praises of democracy as an objective in itself, and utilize it soundly as an exemplary instrument and effective means to achieve objectives?

Has the time not arrived to proceed towards aspirations that propel our country to the distinguished status it is worthy of?

We possess all the fundamentals, the appropriate means and the circumstances to steer us towards success, progress and achieving the aims of the national effort. Esteemed fellow Speaker and members of the National Assembly
The government has turned a new leaf in dealing with your venerable assembly; it affirms its genuine desire to cooperate positively, welcoming every objective and constructive criticism that enhances the joint efforts towards further accomplishments. We are all aware that our constitutional system is based on the separation of powers while achieving cooperation and preventing overlapping and duality in their practices, and respecting at the same time, the constitutional limitations of each branch without confusion or ambiguity. There is no harm in there being differences of opinion and various interpretations as long as they are directed by national interest and calm dialogue in accordance with the constitution, the internal regulation of the National Assembly and the observed laws; as a way to reform the path towards attaining our aims and objectives. Let us be mindful that we shall not reap the fruit unless both branches cooperate in a responsible manner, it is a matter that requires commitment to the permanent parliamentary functions so as to maintain the prestige and constitutional fundamentals of the monitoring apparatus. This laying the ground for a qualitative leap in cooperation to overcome obstacles and enhance the democratic experience, rendering Kuwait the biggest winner.

In light of this perception and in the framework of the constitution, laws and conventions; the legislative and executive branches are called upon to find practical and distinct methods and means to reach a new phase of constructive cooperation and reliable collective action averting crises and depletion of efforts in futile matters. They are also required to rise above trivialities to attain the aspirations pinned on both powers. It is high time that we achieve this step in parliamentary functions in response to national interest requirements and in harmony with the Kuwaiti society's civilized posture in practicing democracy. 

Venerable brother Speaker of the National Assembly,
Esteemed fellow members,

Almighty Allah has been generous in His blessings, perhaps the most precious being the spirit of unity which has been bestowed upon our society since its founding, embracing the people of Kuwait with love, trust and communication, overwhelming their spirits with sincerity, compassion and fraternity which unifies the people of this honourable land, drawing on the inspiration of the redolent past and anticipating the far reaching horizons of the future. 
This spirit will remain untainted by the will of Allah, the beating heart of Kuwait, the haven for its safety and security, the pillar of its glory and sovereignty and the road to well being and prosperity.
Kuwait shall remain by the will of Allah our firm existence through national unity, affable words, good intentions, assets of virtuous values, and our genuine coherence for better or for worse along with renewed effort by knowledge, determination and astute vision.
Kuwait's rights are entrusted to us, they are a historic responsibility and we bear this responsibility before the Almighty and the next generations. These rights are a priority we must honour.
Our testimonial in life is to live up to this huge responsibility, drawing assistance from the Almighty, rejoicing at the smiles upon our children's faces, the hopes fervent in the hearts of our youths, the inspiration inherent in the spirits of our fathers and mothers and the natural disposition etched in the souls of the people of this noble land .We hold high hopes and have strong confidence that with the cooperation of all involved, we will achieve all that enhances the course of national effort in every field, attaining the aspired aims and objectives.
Our final prayer is that, we ask the assistance of Almighty Allah, for His inspiration to righteousness and conscience for the welfare of Kuwait and its glory under the leadership of His Highness the Amir and His trusted Crown Prince may Allah protect them.

Wa Assalamu Alaikum way Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh

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