H.H adddress before the French Foreign Minister Philippe Douste-Blazy at the French Foreign Ministry.  
  12 September 2006  

Mr. Douste-Blazy, Foreign Minister,

It is with much pleasure that I thank Your Excellency for your kind words and together recall with our friends here in France that the Kuwaiti-French relations are solid and go back a long way. France has perpetually defended rights; this we have actually experienced during the brutal Iraqi occupation of our territory and it was a bold and principled position to take. Once again it was evident in your valiant stance towards Lebanon recently, as you took it upon yourself to restore peace and put a stop to the war waged against it. Your actions were truly humanitarian and courageous at the same time.

We, in Kuwait, dear friend, highly value freedom and peace. We constantly promote the importance of dialogue and understanding as there is no room for wars in this day and age, they are wars without fronts, and they go beyond that to irretrievable depths of destruction.

Being a small country, we have suffered the injustice of wars, had it not been for the position taken by the international community and the United Nations in which we sought refuge, we would have been in a worse situation today. We deeply appreciate France's position in its call for peace and averting wars. France has played a prominent and significant role to attain this dream, being a leading country in the world arena and on the European stage which it strove to create.

Dear Guests,
We look forward to close cooperation with your country in various fields, particularly in the political field. We have confidence in your genuine endeavours and noble objectives since you head French diplomacy.

We wish you every success and progress.

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