The Amiri address on the opening of the second session of the eleventh legislative term of the National Assembly.  
  30 October 2006  

Praise be to Almighty Allah, He grants whom He wills without account, we thank the most gracious for His blessings. Peace and blessings be upon our prophet Mohammed Bin Abdullah, his family and followers.

Brother, Speaker of the venerable National Assembly,
Esteemed members of the National Assembly,

Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh

In the holy name of Allah the Most Gracious, Most Merciful 
"Every person, for what he earned is retained"
Almighty Allah has spoken the truth

As we have bid farewell to sacred days, which have been inspirational to us, today we meet with hope and optimism as we embrace the second session of the eleventh legislative term. It is with much pleasure that I convey to you and the patriotic Kuwaiti people my highest considerations and felicitations, praying to the Almighty to grant us success in our endeavours for the welfare and prosperity of our country.

On this occasion, I would also like to extend our heartfelt appreciation to His Highness the Father Amir, Sheikh Sa'ad Al-Abdullah Al- Salem Al- Sabah who is ever present among us through his deeds, we pray to the Almighty to protect him and bestow upon him continuous and plentiful good health and happiness. 

Brothers, speaker and members of the venerable National Assembly,

Allah has endowed us with infinite blessings, one of which is our national unity that has become a fortification for our safety and security, a firm feature in our democratic course and a spontaneous power to protect our accomplishments and aspirations towards building a bright future (by the will of Allah).

Our national unity was, and shall remain our life force, the preserve of tangible experiences and inherent values; the defence of our sovereignty and national resolve and the objective we pursue at all times and places. May this unity constantly remain a shield for our words and deeds, our collective will in shaping a modern state which will interpret our hopes and rising aspirations and increase our adherence to the constitution, laws and institutions. We are safeguarded by the integrity, justice and independence of the legal system, whereby there can be no recklessness or deviations outside the state organization and the country borders, lest there prevail leniency allowing control to slip away and prohibitions to become permissible and consequently entering a tunnel of conflicts, repercussions and a high price to pay. 

Our primary responsibility remains to secure our national unity over generations and observe the oath we undertook in the light of the Quran" and fulfil (every) commitment. Indeed, the commitment is ever (that about which one will be) questioned". Almighty Allah has spoken the truth.

Esteemed brothers, speaker and members of the National Assembly,

We are in a phase fluctuating with events and developments of strong impact, and fast pace in a framework of a world order with no apparent features and vague calls for a new Middle East. We are destined to be in the most tense and vulnerable region in the world; it is a region that has been transformed into a stage for conflicts, hostilities and retributions. It is torn by fanaticism and driven by interests, where personal whims meddle in its security and stability, undermining its peoples and squandering its resources.

It is imperative, as we face these complex regional and international circumstances, which we are not far or safe from, that we review our positions through a mature national perspective; whereby a high level of vigilance and alertness is required, as well as wisdom and the ability to adapt our direction in spite of the harsh difficulties and suffering before it is too late, and all past and present accomplishments are lost.

Brothers, speaker and members of the venerable National Assembly,

One of the most prominent events we have witnessed in the previous period has been the historic milestone in our democratic experience; represented in Kuwaiti women, for the first time, practising their political and constitutional rights in the process of electing and nominating candidates. This records a pioneering step towards fulfilling their vital role and establishing their effective participation in building and molding Kuwaiti society.
Thus, it is noteworthy to mention the practical cooperation demonstrated by your venerable assembly, with the government, on the opening of the second session of this legislative term, since it has resulted in endorsing a number of important laws, despite its short duration, namely:

  • Endorsing the draft law submitted by the government to redefine the electoral constituencies, which is a serious and genuine step on the road to reforming the electoral system, and steering the democratic process on the right track towards serving the national effort.
  • Endorsing the draft law for the amendment of clause no.30 of the year 2005, pertaining to social security laws. This reflects our keenness to assist those retired who replaced part of their incomes, in an attempt on our part to alleviate their burdens.

Also endorsing a draft law to allocate an Amiri grant for each citizen in an extraordinary session of your esteemed assembly, reflecting our concern for their situation and needs, and seeking to relieve them of the costs and burdens of life.

Brothers, speaker and members of the venerable National Assembly,

In the framework of an objective review of various aspects and dimensions of the current national data, and in the light of a futuristic perspective, which specialized authorities have formulated around the needs and developmental aspirations of the Kuwaiti society, taking into consideration pertinent developments and changes in the regional and international arenas; a draft plan is being prepared for developmental projects 2006/2007- 2010/2011. The government will submit its agenda to your assembly in the near future, which conforms to the realistic requirements of this phase, and in a procedural framework that will overcome obstacles that may impede its implementation in the required manner.
Thus, the government's agenda is to prepare the State of Kuwait with all its constitutional and civil institutions, public and private sectors to proceed within a long term vision of a national strategy, raising the country to competitive global levels.

The government has hence made headway towards this phasing perspective by adopting its objectives. Above all:

First: Building a relationship of mutual trust between the government and the assembly which will assist in handling repetitive clashes and stagnations between both constitutional institutions politically, and will be appropriate to guide their efforts towards achieving this strategy.
This is attainable through the following policies:

  1. Taking effective measures to protect public finances, establishing transparency in the performance of state institutions and combating all aspects of corruption.
  2. Setting the principle of reward and punishment and prompting the supervisory role within the state apparatus.
  3. Reforming administrative systems, screening and modernizing laws and legislations in order to achieve an advanced legal structure in response to the needs and requirements of a contemporary state.
  4. Enhancing decentralization in the performance of the services sector through implementing the "E-Government" system and inaugurating “Government Mall” headquarters, as well as issuing a “Citizen Services Handbook”. Besides these, providing other means of communication and information technology applications to conduct transactions.
  5. Adhering to the principle of separating powers and rejecting any infringement on the constitutional jurisdiction of the executive power.
  6. The government upholds its constitutional instruments in light of these policies, to maintain its opinions and assert its position in the event of contention.


Second: Addressing shortcomings in the national economy on three points:

  • Financial reform to address the deficiencies in the general budget.
  • Increasing the private sector’s contribution in the economy.
  • Tackling the imbalance in the job market.

Third: Developing the infrastructure and super structure in line with the latest technological breakthrough, by an array of large projects adopted by the government, those being:

  • The construction of a number of hospitals in different areas across Kuwait. Procedures for constructing in South Surra will commence in December 2006, with a capacity exceeding one thousand beds.
  • The construction of North Al Zour power plant with a 3000 megawatt capacity, powered completely electronically.
  • Completing the process of installing fiber optic networks in place of the current network in the communications field, rendering Kuwait one of the first countries to apply this system nationwide.
  • The development of Kuwait Ports Authority and the construction of a new international port on Bubyan Island in preparation for becoming the gateway to international trade.
  • Exploring the possibility of constructing a new transportation network including an underground service, as well as linking Kuwait by railway networks with other countries around the world.
  • Extending the current airport to promote aviation movement and transportation to and from Kuwait and the rest of the world. This would accommodate the largest modern aircrafts and greatly increase its capacity.
  • Constructing “Silk City” and public facilities on Bubyan Island and linking them with Sheikh Jaber Bridge, which links the two ends of Kuwait Bay.
  • Developing Failaka island to transform it into an elaborate resort.

Fourth: Setting a vision for a long term national strategy during the next two sessions, through the following procedures:

  1. Supporting the Higher Council for Planning and Development by establishing a secretariat that seeks to meet all the council’s needs and incorporates some sectors of the Ministry of Planning.
  2. Seeking the assistance of international expertise in devising strategies, schemes and future research.


Brothers; Speaker and Members of the venerable National Assembly,

Kuwait maintains a positive, open and balanced stance in its foreign policy, adhering to basic fundamentals of preserving independence and sovereignty, respecting international legitimacy and establishing regional and international links built on constructive cooperation in the framework of common interests and mutual respect.

Kuwait has pursued a path of sincerity in cooperating with Arab, Islamic and friendly states around the world, particularly its brotherly neighbours from the Gulf Cooperation Council, helping to dispel tension and widespread conflict as well as looking forward to bright horizons of fraternal and constructive cooperation which aim to achieve the aspirations of the peoples of the region towards progress and prosperity.

On the other hand, we reflect with anguish and bitterness the brutal crimes Israel committed against the Lebanese and Palestinian populations. The State of Kuwait in adhering to its national principles and affirming its solid Arab role has taken the initiative in expressing genuine sentiments of solidarity with the Lebanese people in their ordeal which was inflicted upon them by the barbaric aggression of the Israeli forces. It also condemns organized state terrorism practised by Israel in targeting the innocent and defenceless and the destruction of the infrastructure and vital facilities, and continues in its efforts to stop these crimes and inhumane practices.  Consequently, Kuwait has promptly dispatched urgent relief supplies to assist the Lebanese people in coping with the tragic situation and has contributed towards the rebuilding process following the destruction incurred by the aggressor. Thus, it is only fair to convey our gratitude and appreciation for the efforts exerted to evacuate and transport Kuwaiti nationals from Lebanon, arranging for their safe return home.

Kuwait has long called on the international community to take a firm and decisive stance against organized terrorism perpetrated by Israel against the Palestinian people. It once again renews its support and reiterates its call to take all necessary measures to put an end to the Palestinians' plight, demanding Israel to comply with United Nations resolutions pertinent to restoring the full rights of the Palestinian people in establishing a sovereign independent state with Jerusalem as its capital. This will lead to comprehensive and permanent peace in the region.

Brothers, speaker and members of the venerable National Assembly,

We look forward to a new term of your venerable assembly with hope and optimism and a genuine desire and determination to work seriously, sincerely and responsibly.
We anticipate greater cooperation between the legislature and the executive and call for further acceptance of constructive criticism, positive dialogue and exchange of opinions and observations. Cooperation should not stop at the slogan of good intentions but should exceed it to become a precept in work and dedication to the national interest, driving the democratic experience to new heights.
Past experiences have demonstrated that the relationship between the two powers cannot be based on conflicting interests and disputes over power or the misuse of it, but rather on full consensus of opinion and vision which enhances the legislative and supervisory role of the assembly, thus supporting the executive role of the government, all within the framework of the constitution and law. While we affirm the necessity of segregating powers, their cooperation and full commitment to the constraints and requirements of this term is in response to public interest. 

Brother speaker of the venerable National Assembly, 
Esteemed members,

The government has in fact embarked upon taking serious steps towards presenting a strategy for the next phase; it continues to work on achieving the objectives by employing every means and possibilities within its possession. The actual aim of the government in this instance is to enhance mutual trust between the legislature and the executive as a practical ground for close and fruitful cooperation which would lead to realizing aspirations. The government considers this trust between both powers to be a safety valve in preventing deadlock, provoking crises and escalating situations which would eventually result in hampering the cooperation between the two powers. The Almighty has forbidden us from this in the holy verse " and do not dispute and (thus) lose courage and (then) your strength would depart; and be patient. Indeed Allah is with the patient." Almighty Allah has spoken the Truth.
Positive cooperation between the legislature and the executive has been and will remain our guideline first and foremost in the interest of Kuwait; therefore we rise above temperaments, prejudices and insignificant gains, putting Kuwait's interest as a measure for words and deeds. In actual fact we have no option but to perform with diligence and self-denial to carry out this great responsibility in which we are all partners in bearing one generation after the other.

Brothers, speaker and members of the venerable National Assembly,

We believe in Almighty Allah, His prophets and Islam with its Sharia laws. We adhere to the teachings and values of our forefathers, we are proud to belong to this country; small in size but large in culture, with political presence both regionally and internationally and a firm democratic approach.

We want to make Kuwait a leading country, a beacon for thought, morality, free speech, creative insight for the noble human mission. To this end, we are endowed with positive determination, a conscious will and our possession of abilities and capabilities, as well as sacrifices.
We also want Kuwait to become the home of applicable hopes and aspirations, through which we aim to enrich our lives and unite our society behind a single identity.

We have before us a number of issues and commitments, hence we must hurry in utilizing our time efficiently, perform our duties with loyalty and dedication to avoid living in the shadow of our dreams and endless contentions and declare a new era of teamwork to improve our overall national performance which would lead our country to the outstanding level it merits.

We pray to Almighty Allah to assist us in our responsibilities and grant us soundness of opinion whereby we may achieve progress and prosperity for the welfare of our dear country and its people under the guidance of His Highness the Amir and His Highness the Crown Prince (may Allah protect the both).

Wassalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatu Allahi Wa Barakatuh

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