Address of H.H the PM head of the Higher Council for Governorates Affairs at their opening session.  
  13 December 2006  

In the Holy name of Allah most gracious most merciful
Thanks be to Almighty Allah, and peace and blessings be on the Seal of the last prophets and messengers, Mohammad

Esteemed members of the Higher Commission for Governorates,

I am pleased to be with you at the opening session of the higher commission for governorates affairs which was founded and formed in accordance with article nine of the Amiri decree number (265) for the year 2006 pertaining to the governorates system in Kuwait, through which we hope to establish rules of executive procedure in the country in accordance with local administration mechanisms, resulting in the activation of decentralization in decision taking and procedural implementation, which contributes to the increased efficiency of the government apparatus and improve its services.
The promulgation of the Amiri decree number (265) relating to governorates in the State of Kuwait came as a logical and realistic result of  the long experience and actual practice over the years, through which the legislative aimed at laying regulations and programs that would be as close as possible to attaining the hopes and desires of citizens across Kuwait.

Esteemed members,

The Amiri decree on the governorates system aims to achieve a qualitative leap in managing the affairs of the country, particularly in following up the implementation of laws and the application of systems and endorsed procedures, that contribute to establishing justice in services and facilities distribution in all parts of the country included in the six governorates, and in a manner that fulfills the needs of citizens.
In an effort to complete the aspects and elements of the upgraded system in the executive functions, whether in relation to the current situation or in the future, I open today, the first session of the higher commission for governorates affairs, as we all seek to achieve the essence of the laws that stipulate its responsibilities in examining joint issues between the various governorates, coordinating cooperation between the governorates and ministries and other government authorities or addressing any obstacles or problems that may encounter the practical performance of the daily executive functions in the country.
I am greatly confident that we shall work in a team spirit, putting before us the interest of the country and its people, under the wise leadership and sponsorship of His Highness the Amir and His Highness the Crown Prince.

Wassalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh

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