The Address of His Highness the Prime Minister at the National Assembly following the constitutional oath on the occasion of forming the new government.  
  2 April 2007  

In the Holy name of Allah most gracious, most merciful

Thanks be to the Almighty, we pray for His continuous blessings and that He may grant us success. From Him we ask for assistance. He is the Almighty and the supporter. Peace and blessings be upon the most honourable beings, our prophet Mohammad and His noble followers. We thank the Almighty and to Him we do return. He alone has with Him the best reward we hope for.

Your Excellency Speaker of the venerable National Assembly,
Esteemed members of the National Assembly,

Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh,

Once again, we are honoured to accept the noble order issued by His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah to assume the post of Prime Minister and the acceptance of fellow Ministers to participate in bearing the responsibility. It is an honour for the Government to collectively convey to His Highness its profound gratitude and pride for granting it his confidence. Not over looking, on this occasion, to express our extreme gratitude and appreciation for the blessings and  wise directives of His Highness the Crown Prince and to all those who supported us with their kind consultations up to the issuing of the new Cabinet formation.
Also, it has not escaped us to convey our deep appreciation to fellow members of the previous Government for their diligence and sincere efforts in carrying out their huge responsibilities.
On this occasion, we are pleased to express to the Father Amir Sheikh Saad Al-Abdullah Al- Salem Al-Sabah our highest respect and cordial wishes, as we pray to the Almighty to protect His Highness and grant him continued good health.

Esteemed brothers, while we convey to you our sincere gratitude, respect and goodwill, we retain cordial and amicable sentiments towards the loyal Kuwaiti people, as we recall the history of our fathers and forefathers following their admirable example in overriding difficulties, enduring sacrifices and demonstrating devotion to their tasks. This was possible through a unified will, lasting fraternity and deep rooted qualities. Opulence merely increased their integrity and benevolence discarding superficialities and trivialities, so as to pave the way for our present that we take pride in through example and virtuous traditions, presenting us with the responsibility to hand down to the following generation.
Present day Kuwait is a result of sacrifices, efforts and accomplishments that continued towards achieving openness and modernization in an expanse of values and civilization for its youth, generation after generation. It has a record abound with struggle, giving and creativity which was depicted by our elders. The Kuwait of today is a modern democratic State, where democracy is not born of the minute, and it was not enforced or imposed but was rather a free historic response to a deep rooted heritage in Shura and respect for conflicting opinions and fruitful concepts. Democracy reinvigorates civilization which is fixed in the conscience of the people of this beloved country, rendering it a fortified national defence and a leading unparalleled characteristic.

We are destined dear brothers, to bear the historic responsibility of our country and undertake our national issues at a phase that has sensitive circumstances and requirements. We are attempting to proceed forward with the accomplishments we pursue and restore Kuwait's renowned standing.

Your Excellency, Speaker of the venerable National Assembly,

Esteemed Members of the National Assembly,
The government is keen to benefit from the efforts and experiences achieved, particularly in the light of the repeated interruptions that were witnessed on the Kuwaiti political scene, which have become a huge impediment on the road to realizing our aspirations. The government will shortly submit its agenda to your venerable assembly in accordance with article (98) of the constitution, in which it observes complete and comprehensive principles, issues, executive procedures and financial and legislative requirements necessary to accomplish various projects and tackle all issues and matters.

Thus, the government shall submit the five year development plan for the State of Kuwait in compliance with law number (60) for the year 1986 pertaining to social and economic planning, which the Higher Council for Planning and Development is involved in presenting in its final form. It includes issues that are of importance to the country and the people.

In an attempt to lay practical foundations that ensure addressing the apparent flaws and preparing the appropriate conditions for the State of Kuwait, with all its civil and constitutional institutes and its public and private sectors to proceed in the realm of a long term national strategy, to raise the country to  competitive global levels, most prominently represented in the following:

First: Develop a relationship based on mutual trust between the Government and the National Assembly by observing the implementation of the law without exemption, and endorsing policies and mechanisms that aim at fighting corruption, establishing transparency, protecting public funds, activating the principle of reward and punishment and holding officials accountable for negligence.

Second: Addressing the drawbacks in the national economy through financial reform mechanisms, improving legislations and increasing private sector contribution in the economic activity.

Third: Developing the infrastructure and the superstructure in accordance with the requirements of modern technology and completion of large projects.

Honourable brothers, it is perhaps a historic opportunity which sanctions a move towards building and developing the competitive capabilities of the State of Kuwait, and enhancing its role as a financial and commercial regional centre, paving the way for a surge for our national economy, which contributes to achieving further development, progress and prosperity for our society.

Your Excellency, Speaker of the venerable National Assembly,
Esteemed members,

If the objective of the government's agenda is to fulfil the hopes and aspirations of citizens for a stable, secure and prosperous country, reinstating Kuwait's former standing (which will remain by the Grace of Allah at the pinnacle on all levels); then the practical experience of the nature of the relationship between the National Assembly and the Government during the previous phase, does not allow for achieving these hopes and aspirations that the people of Kuwait have pinned their hopes on. The impact of friction in relations between both powers has deeply wounded the country, halting the wheel of development, delaying accomplishments and diminishing aspirations. Everyone has become absorbed in dealing with successive impasse that is unjustifiable most of the time and the repercussions have come to pose a threat to the security and stability of the country.

We are facing a difficult phase which calls for clarity and openness; it requires us all to take a serious and honest look at ourselves in order to carry out a comprehensive and objective review of the course of national action.

The time has come to benefit from our experiences and shortcomings, and draw lessons from them to shift towards positive useful action for our country and society, in a climate of widespread security, positive spirit and optimism.

It is time to take a unified stance on a firm and solid ground of mutual understanding, and a responsible perception of the sensitive nature of the situation our country, the region and the world are experiencing, along with the dangers and challenges involved.

It is high time that together we consolidate the concepts and requisites of the great oath by respecting the laws and observing their implementation, which would achieve justice and equality for all.

Your Excellency, Speaker of the venerable National Assembly,

Esteemed members,

"The most important principles of the parliamentary action are to adhere to the constitution, above all; separating powers while cooperating at the same time, which is a national constitutional duty. The cooperation we seek is that which is built on democratic dialogue, constructive criticism, favourable opinions, sound declarations, action to reach rational opinions and ideal goals in the interest of this country at present and in the future."

Those were the words of His Highness the Amir and we, by the will of Allah, are able to meet them.

We, both assembly and government, are required to face our responsibilities by overcoming the hurdles which impede the necessary cooperation between us, to emerge from this situation stronger, more understanding and closely cooperating in the framework of constitutional principles, and regulations of the constitution and the law through effective practical means which ensure the defeat of existing obstacles and contribute to attaining our aims and national objectives.

I reaffirm that if we are unable to embrace this period with its security related issues and political and economic realities, and unless each power carries out self appraisal and carefully undergoes soul searching, with an objective and realistic review to correct its course, then our new step would have been in vain adding only to the series of previous failures which history will record against us.

Your Excellency, Speaker of the venerable National Assembly,

Esteemed members,

Undoubtedly, you have all followed the efforts exerted and the meetings held with numerous Kuwaiti personalities of experience and opinion, since I received the honour through an Amiri order which charged me with forming a new cabinet, and gain insight from their opinions and consultations, so that we may reach a formation that would provide for wider cooperation between the assembly and the government.

We also set out to form a five ministerial committee to undertake the task of coordinating with the assembly, eliminate any obstacles that could arise, which would impede the necessary cooperation and act towards joint accomplishments.

It is a sincere invitation from the government to the venerable assembly, with an open heart and extended arms to turn over a new leaf in positive and constructive cooperation, which achieves what we all strive for; the development and prosperity of our dear country. It is a serious desire to find practical and effective means that prevent overlapping the boundaries that separate the two powers without reducing the right or authority of each power. This, in the framework of full compliance with regulations of the constitution and the law and the fixed parliamentary principles and conventions, which contribute to empowering the venerable assembly to practice its supervisory and legislative role, and empowering the government to implement its agenda as expected. It will also assist in averting the causes behind the repeated impasse and the engagement in debates, contention and controversy which do not serve the public interest. It will lead to directing capabilities towards further action and achievements.

Not forgetting to express our pride for the vital role of our local press, considering it a national acquisition. Nevertheless, we stress that a huge responsibility falls upon it to ease animosity, provocation and aggravation and observe objectivity while practicing meaningful and constructive criticism and guiding public opinion.

The government is hopeful of a favourable response from your venerable assembly to agree to establish trust and epitomize positive cooperation as a means of propelling accomplishments in the interest of the country and its people.

That is the true guard in confronting challenges and the dangers that surround us. We all realize that our true wealth lies within us, and that we possess the components for success, creativity and distinctiveness. We are also aware that all this requires greater effort and sacrifices; we cannot afford the luxury of procrastination, delay and accepting regression, or infringing upon the advanced status of our dear Kuwait.

We thank Allah that we are a people fortunate to have lived a life of an integrated and consolidated family, linked by collective destiny and ruled by cordiality and fraternity; having perpetually been inclined to benevolence and virtue until the Kuwaiti society achieved its acquisitions and accomplishments, notable for the solidarity of its people and wisdom of its leadership, as well as preserving the sanctity of its national unity and adhering to the State of law and institutions. It is the eternal responsibility placed upon our shoulders, through this responsibility and along with it we advance soundly in a world where we accept nothing less than having an effective and prominent presence, and a distinct civilized standing. 

Your Excellency, speaker of the venerable National Assembly,
Esteemed members,

Praise be to Allah for His guidance through the teachings of Islam, We thank Him for his assistance and ask Him for unanimity of opinion, to fill our hearts with faith and charge us with good and genuine intentions. We humbly pray to the Almighty to grant us His bountiful assistance so that we may live up to the responsibility of bearing the historic pledge and build a promising future in standing by the great oath. We constantly pray for the protection of Kuwait and its people under the leadership of His Highness the Amir and His Highness the Crown Prince (may Allah protect them).

Wassalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh

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