Following the oath he and members of the cabinet took in the National Assembly.  
  20 February 2006  

In the Holy name of Allah most gracious, most merciful
Your Excellency Speaker of the National Assembly,
Brother members,
Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh

I was honoured to assume the responsibility of Prime Minister entrusted to me by His Highness the Amir and the acceptance of my colleagues to share in bearing this responsibility. The government collectively conveys its appreciation to His Highness for the confidence he has placed in it, and it exerts every effort in pursuit of translating the wise directives and recommendations of His Highness to attain the aims and national objectives.

On this occasion, the government is pleased to express to your venerable assembly its sincere appreciation for the historic position it took in enhancing the principles of the democratic experience and establishing harmony and transparency in containing crises and handling problems, within the institutional framework of the state and the spirit of the single family which Kuwait has been renowned for. 

Brother, speaker of the venerable National Assembly,

Esteemed members,

We are all aware that our region and the world face events and changes that are fraught with dangers and challenges. We cannot ignore their impact on us and proceed without taking them into account, we live a reality that witnesses' fast developments, where barriers between peoples have collapsed, interactions have surged and the freedom of movement has increased at an unprecedented level in the history of man kind.

We all realize that there are many issues and obligations to tackle, and despite the hope, optimism and resolve that we hold on the track to reform, modernization and development, they are not without difficulties and impediments. We are in a race against time to actualize aspirations and achieve further accomplishments in response to the reality of the twenty first century.

We are truly faced with challenges that require consolidated efforts, employing all our capabilities in structuring and developing, as we are charged with our hopes, beliefs and close positive cooperation between all members and institutes of the society. Thus, it is an indication of a bright and prosperous present and future. 

 In taking an objective approach  as we evaluate the circumstances and facts of the current phase, and provide the best possible opportunities to initiate the government action, the government regards the Amiri speeches in the opening of previous sessions of the tenth legislative term of the National Assembly as a launching ground for its performance in the next period, adopting the endorsed agenda of the previous government in an effort to continue on its track of achievements, taking into consideration the observations made by your venerable Assembly on this program, to confirm the contents of  the five year development plan 2005/2006-2010/2011, which the government will soon present to your venerable Assembly.

Esteemed members,

In light of the tangible information, and in the framework of plans and programs that have been drawn, the government is committed as it commences its work, to accord all issues notable importance, particularly the firm principles centred around:

First: Maintaining the characteristics of the Kuwaiti society by strengthening national unity to confront challenges through thick and thin. Reinforcing Shura and democracy in the context of values and principles laid by our fathers and forefathers as well the guidance of Islam and adhering to moderation in thought and practice. 

Second: Establishing a state of law and institutions and achieving independence and integrity in the judiciary system, ensuring its power in implementing the principles of justice and equality. Respecting the standing of the law and applying it to everyone without exception, as well as reviewing the laws and activating them as required.

Third: Maintaining the security and stability of Kuwait and making this a national objective. Improving the levels of pertinent apparatus to protect our gains and accomplishments and reinforce our efforts to combat unwanted phenomena, particularly those related to terrorism, drugs and various types of crime.

Fourth: While political, economic and social openness have become a local, regional and international requirement for building a modern state, Kuwait shall maintain its balanced approach observing its firm principles that govern its foreign policy in the Gulf, Arab, Islamic and international frameworks and deal wisely and responsibly with global concerns, combating all types of terrorism and alleviating the ordeals of poverty, starvation and diseases.

Kuwait shall remain fortified with these firm principles, while looking forward to a just, permanent and comprehensive peace that prevails throughout the region, based on mutual respect, non intervention in the internal affairs of nations and serious commitment to international legitimacy and Security Council resolutions to establish positive regional and international bonds based on positive, constructive cooperation and joint interests.

Fifth: Finalizing the efforts and steps taken by the committee that was charged by the cabinet to examine the shortcomings and flaws which were revealed in the practical implementation of the electoral system, amending electoral constituencies to enhance sound democratic practice, and contributing to the selection of elements with efficiency and capability to endure the responsibilities of parliamentary work.

Sixth: Stimulate the national economy in the framework of a free economy and an open market, working with developed global systems and criteria to encourage investments, attract technology and praise the role of the private sector, adopting the latest economic systems which ensure its participation in implementing various governmental and developmental projects, as well as activating privatization programs and processes in some fields.

Seventh: Ensuring the ideal utilization of resources, particularly oil, and innovating means and methods of developing them to enhance their participation in steady developmental projects as well as guaranteeing the interests of future generations while at the same time preserving the environment, all within the framework of the law and exercising transparency.

Eighth: Developing administrative structures, systems and procedural regulations, eliminating aspects of occupational drawbacks, putting an end to routine procedures which hamper project implementation and government performance, effectuating reward and punishment and speeding up the implementation of technology utilization in government transactions to improve state services and carry out citizens' interests promptly and easily.

Ninth: Developing and modernizing all grades of the educational system and academic, professional and training levels to raise the standards of graduates and achieve a more qualitative, creative and knowledge oriented education, hence, meeting the actual needs of the labour market in context of the developmental effort. 

Tenth: Improving health care services on both levels prevention and treatment through seeking the assistance of advanced global expertise, involving the private sector in these efforts and other specialized qualitative services in the fields of family, childhood, special needs and all other essential services.

Eleventh: Developing efforts aimed at providing housing, modernizing means and mechanisms followed in providing this service to those eligible, with the best specifications and in the shortest period. As well as seeking specialized international expertise in this field, encouraging the private sector to effectively participate and support it in every possible way.

Twelfth: Using financial surplus to complete and develop key structures and facilities to meet the needs of architectural expansion, obtaining the latest in advanced information and communication technology, providing qualitative care services along with all other projects for the development efforts.

Thirteenth: Supporting civil society institutes and enhancing public participation in order to benefit from all national potentials and capabilities in the comprehensive development efforts.

Fourteenth: Developing and modernizing information mechanisms with the aim of producing a responsible media, prompting the press to carry out its duties credibly in the national interest.

Fifteenth: Bolstering positive values in Kuwaiti youths, the true wealth we possess, and direct them towards constructive activities such as; cultural activities, sports, social activities and handicrafts to occupy their free time with something purposeful which contributes to a professional conscience in work and production., encouraging modernization and innovative initiatives, while establishing a culture of tolerance and positive dialogue that renounces violence and fanaticism. Also concentrating efforts in all directions to produce youths with a strong sense of belonging to their country, a strong sense of identity and pride in their heritage.

Brother speaker and esteemed members of the Assembly,

These were our approaches to the visions, aspirations, plans and programs, it is noteworthy to point to the great efforts exerted in the study of these approaches and the action taken to transform them into a tangible reality, some have materialized into draft laws; others have been completed and submitted to the National Assembly, while others still are in the process of being accomplished. The government has recently presented draft laws with some urgency; we hope they receive the attention they merit.
Since the government focuses on the importance of these approaches, it is also intent on implementing them through cooperation between the National Assembly and the government by follow up mechanisms, amendments and a time scale to ensure good implementation which will lead to achieving our targets. 
On this occasion, I stress that our aspirations must correlate with our capabilities, so as not to waste efforts thus objectives remain unattainable. We must also bear in mind that the remaining duration of the tenth legislative term is limited and may not allow for achieving all our objectives, therefore we must emphasize on the importance of objectivity and practicality as a realistic ground for prompting efforts towards achieving the possible.

Esteemed members,

While we act to achieve these objectives, you are our partners in shouldering the responsibility; this is an invitation to establish a positive, effective partnership between the assembly and the government based on cooperation and constructive dialogue in containing any differences.

The government extends the hand of cooperation with your venerable assembly with sincere and genuine resolve. It confirms its true desire to provide the opportunities and appropriate environment for the assembly to carry out its legislative and supervisory roles. We hope that the assembly will reciprocate so that we may, together assume our tasks and duties according to laws of the constitution, the internal regulations of the National Assembly and established parliamentary practices, which will ensure that each power practices its authority according to its jurisdiction. In assisting each power to practice its field efficiently and competently, we are correctly applying the laws of the constitution, respecting its status and guaranteeing the strength of the state particularly after experience proved that overlapping authorities and the absence of boundaries does not serve the national interest.

Thus the government welcomes all serious and objective criticism which contributes to rectifying its efforts, or imparts a practical addition which works in the interest of the country and its people. We all strive to fulfill our aspirations and we pray to the Almighty for assistance and that our affable efforts meet to support the national action. We hope that we may maintain the level of historic and civilized responsibility by consensus of both powers; the legislative and executive and achieve joint cooperation, and positive fruitful interaction that will benefit us and our future generations as well as realizing the hopes and aspirations worthy of the status of Kuwait under the wise leadership of His Highness the Amir and His Highness the Crown Prince.

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