The Amiri address on the opening of the third session of the Eleventh legislative term of the National Assembly.  
  30 October 2007  

In the holy name of Allah 
"Our Lord, grant us from yourself mercy and prepare for us from our affair right guidance".
Almighty Allah has spoken the truth.     (Al-Kahf verse 10)

Thanks be to Almighty Allah, and peace and blessings be upon his prophet, His kin, all his disciples and all those whom follow him until the day of final judgment.

Your Excellency brother speaker of the venerable National Assembly
Esteemed members

Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh.

I am pleased, on this day, having been given the honour of delivering the Amiri address to congratulate the patriotic Kuwaiti people on the third inaugural session of the eleventh legislative term of the venerable National Assembly and   to convey my best wishes to the faithful Kuwaiti people. I pray to the Almighty to grant us success in our endeavours for the welfare and prosperity of our country.

It is also with pleasure on this occasion to express our warm sentiments to His Highness the Crown Prince and convey our highest considerations to His Highness the Father Amir Sheikh Saad Al-Abdullah Al-Salem Al-Sabah, praying to the Almighty to bestow him with plentiful good health and longevity.

Members and speaker of the venerable National Assembly

The legacy of our fathers and forefathers passed down from one generation to another is a humanitarian and civilized mission inspiring in the development of our dear country throughout history. Inherent, the belief in the principles of our religion which lit within us the beacon of freedom and national dignity, its laws and the deep rooted values of Shura and democracy. The result is manifested in the wealth bestowed upon us by the grace of Allah, therefore we must appropriately utilize our legacy, let us rally towards the desired surge forward.

A country is a large responsibility not built by fantasies and good wishes, nor is it based on imposing opinions and tendencies; it does not prosper from pursuing personal gains and interests, it does however require adopting a system which epitomizes the national consciousness that is aware of the concepts of the state of law and institutes in adherence with the grand oath. Not to comply with it is disregard for the values and legacies; it exhausts the gains and accomplishments and forsakes aspirations, oblivious to the scripture: In the holy name of Allah, Most gracious, Most merciful " …and do not dispute and thus lose courage and then your strength would depart" Almighty Allah has spoken the truth. (Al-Anfal 46) 

Speaker and members of the venerable National Assembly

 As the government looks forward to a fruitful relationship with your assembly, in the framework of its clear interest in driving the momentum of development in the country and hastens the implementation of essential developmental projects, it has submitted to your assembly its plan of action for the remainder of the legislative term. In observing the implementation of its agenda, the government is intent on making it applicable in practice; inclusive of instruments to follow up, appraise and measure performance as well as determining the financial, legislative and humanitarian requirements to ensure the accomplishment of its contents.
The government reaffirms the fact that it has devised its agenda in context of the strategy of the next phase which is based on" preparing the State of Kuwait with all its constitutional and civil institutes, its public and private sectors to proceed towards a vision of long term national strategy and raise the country to competitive international levels" adopting the following general objectives and policies:

  1. Establishing a relationship of mutual trust between the government and the parliament.
  2. Handling the dysfunction in the national economy.
  3. Developing the infrastructure and superstructure in sync with the latest technology.
  4. Outlining the vision of a long term national strategy.

Thus, the government work plan consists of a number of chapters, each in their fields, and each field with its priorities that were presented in accordance with relevant implementation procedures and requirements, these are:

Chapter one: Foreign affairs and security issues.
Chapter two: Issues of development management and establishing a society of                                      
information and knowledge.
Chapter three: Human development issues.
Chapter four: Issues of developing and diversifying the economic structure.
Chapter five: Issues of financial reform and developing the role of the private 

Since the conduct of implementation during the past years has revealed flaws, the government has began preparations to confront these flaws through more advanced administrative and technical methods and models, drawing from the experiences of other countries in finding the appropriate practical solutions to issues and similar problems. We hope for your cooperation and support in attaining the best results (by the will of Allah). 
In the government quest to take effective steps towards achieving its objectives, it has referred to your venerable assembly recently, a document stating the principles of government action during the next phase which pertains to draft laws that were previously submitted to your assembly.
In it, the government adhered to the instructions of His Highness the Amir( may Allah protect him), it also observed the importance of objectivity and procedural considerations surrounding these priorities.

The government hopes that these priorities are accomplished through serious and fruitful cooperation with your assembly.

On the same subject, and in implementing the directives of His Highness the Amir to wisely employ the financial surplus at the government's disposal and invest financial resources in the best examined options to ensure wide spread benefits for all citizens at present and in the future; the government has embarked on examining and preparing all necessary requirements to establish a number of giant developmental projects which would drive the sustainable development process and cover all governorates in the country. This includes the following:

  1. Establishing universities, institutes, colleges and specialized schools to accommodate students of both sexes and qualify them in various scientific and technological fields of specialty.
  2. Establishing hospitals and sophisticated health centres specialized in all fields to provide advanced medical services for citizens.
  3.  Concentrating on the quick accomplishment of services and infrastructure projects as well as developing airports, ports, industrial areas and new cities complete services.
  4. Interpreting the noble Amiri initiative through finding modern means that aim to provide residential areas with complete infrastructure and services. The State undertakes their preparation to meet the accumulated housing requests and confront the overpriced housing costs in an attempt to provide basic living standards for citizens and their families.

Speaker and members of the National Assembly

We are destined to live in a turbulent region with successive grave events, and disparate political trends which impose their reality upon on us, along with international developments and their impact of which we are not exempt. All this in the framework of a complicated international organization with intertwined interests that intensified due to the advance in information and technology, increasing the channels of communication and integration between peoples of the world, while exacerbating events that inflame sentiments whether by simple observation or deliberate directions and studied planning, eventually infringing on the stability and security of our country. Thus, we are all required to shoulder the national responsibility and adhere to its resolve, working diligently to maintain our national unity and tackle regional and international events surrounding us with utmost awareness so that we are not drawn into uncharted waters, (may Allah forbid).

Speaker of the venerable National Assembly,
Esteemed members,

 While diligence is paramount in order to secure the full implementation of the government's plan of action within a devised framework, positive cooperation between the legislative and executive powers is the true incentive in epitomizing this national necessity.

Achieving the greater national aims and objectives can not be obtained merely by good intentions, they require strong will, determination and consolidated efforts to activate these aspirations, without which, these objectives cannot be reached. Therefore, we have pinned our hopes on effective cooperation between the government and the assembly to incorporate the magnitude of responsibility and share in the pain and apprehension of the people of Kuwait appreciating the value of time in the development of a nation.

Cooperation between both powers concerns the people of Kuwait, so much so, that it has become the focus of many of His Highness's addresses (may Allah protect him). The most recent was his address on the last ten days of the holy month of Ramadan when His Highness asserted that he was "completely confident that cooperation between the two powers is possible and attainable if we rise above raising damaging issues, being skeptic about intentions and capabilities and pouncing on the faults of one another."

His Highness also reiterated his call for "the importance of enhancing cooperation between both powers, transforming this cooperation into a practice that would develop the parliamentary action and the political and democratic processes in our country, while directing our efforts and energy towards building and developing, rather than consuming time and effort in confrontation and pointless dialogue."

His Highness considered both powers to have "spent sufficient time in dialogue, discussion and even discord over many laws and legislations which we hoped would be endorsed to place Kuwait on the map of sustainable development that others have attained while we lag behind."

The call for cooperation does not by any means suggest that any of the powers relinquish their jurisdiction, nor does it imply confiscating the constitutional right of members of the national assembly in applying instruments of monitoring and grilling; it is a call to halt the exaggerated utilization of these instruments and the threat of using them, as well as commitment to respecting the constitutional restrictions in the use of this right, ensuring the adherence to the constitution and internal regulations of the national assembly. The cooperation required between the two powers is in itself a positive constitutional objective which does not discredit the assembly, nor does it increase government dominance.

Speaker and members of the venerable National Assembly,

We are truly in need of making this cooperation a national formula over and above politics and politicizing, operating under the constitution, laws and fixed parliamentary conventions. It must become a practical system in establishing positive and constructive dialogue and an advanced democratic approach to realizing citizens' aspirations and achieving the required objectives.

The context of government action in the next phase is based on the firm belief that conflicting opinions, interpretations and whatever tension they may entail are a natural and acceptable issue under parliamentary action and does not call for

Concern as long as it is carried out in the framework of the constitution, laws and regulations and is approved by legislations and parliamentary conventions and traditions as well as attaching importance on public opinion.

While constitutional principles require handling all instruments of constitutional monitoring; most significantly interpellations, through cooperation and coordination between both powers; the legislative and the executive in accordance with specific regulations and procedures ,and in a manner that would contribute to achieving positive cooperation between them in the interest of the country and its people, the government stresses the necessity of total commitment of both powers to the constitutional boundaries of each power without detriment to the rights of members of the national assembly in practicing their constitutional jurisdictions. Cooperation between both powers would be with the joint understanding of matters that require legislative handling without exaggerated use of the legislative instruments, which is considered meddling in government executive action.

Speaker and members of the venerable National Assembly,

Democracy is our choice and course. It is a valuable wealth on which we build our future, it is the civilized legacy that we inherited from our fathers and forefathers and we are keen to maintain it attributing Kuwait with further world respect, appreciation and confidence. 
We all hope and genuinely look forward to a phase of positive and fruitful parliamentary action between both the legislative and the executive, whereby the near and far may sense a promising change and true cooperation to unify efforts in all issues of  the national action. Let us cross over to a new phase of cooperation between the two powers and shake the dust off past experiences, baring in mind the danger of the repercussions of negative past experiences on the future of our youth.

Time has caught up with us and history will not condone us. We have no excuse for not placing our country in the high rank it is worthy of, and which our predecessors paid with their lives to preserve. Let us have sincere intentions and unite to achieve our aspirations of progress and prosperity.

Speaker and members of the venerable National Assembly,

We are all aware that we are living in a world where barriers have collapsed and the challenges of development, modernization and progress are profuse, the responsibilities internal or external are also great. Kuwait has long been able to prove itself able to confront crucial challenges and constantly adheres to its fixed national unity and a platform for freedom, justice and democracy which will never stifle.

Since we are destined to live in a region prevalent in tension, conflict and fighting, consolidating our loyalty, sense of belonging, thoughts and practices remains our source of strength and resolve a fortress for our safety and security. We have no option but to rise to the responsibility of joint action and cooperation for the welfare of our country.


It is a great mistake not to benefit from previous experiences and learn from past lessons, it is a misevaluation not to put the wrongs right.

Finally, I pray to Almighty Allah to make our intentions sincere and genuine, guide us to be dedicated to our work and grant us the support to reach our aspirations in the interest of our country and enhance its safety and security, its progress and prosperity under the guidance of His Highness the Amir and His Highness the Crown Prince.

Wassalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh. 

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