The Amiri address delivered by His Highness the Prime Minister on the opening of the regular session of the twelfth legislative term of the National Assembly  
  21 October 2008  

In the name of Allah

Venerable Speaker of the National Assembly
Esteemed members,

Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh

The Amiri address holds in its constitutional portfolio the state of the country and its general affairs over the past year, it also consists of the required projects and reforms for a new year within the framework of the development vision we seek for the near and distant future. It gives me great pleasure that His Highness the Amir has honoured me to deliver this opening address at the opening of the regular session of the twelfth legislative term Of the National Assembly.

We thank Almighty Allah for granting us many blessings, and we ask Him for integrity in our words and actions. We thank Him for His many graces as we are guided by the Holy Quran and the Sharia’a law. We progress with steady steps emulating our fathers and forefathers, this instilled the principles of Shura and democracy in constructing a modern state until our democracy became, with the help of Allah a pioneering experience we are all proud of. Our issues are handled through institutions which we strictly adhere to, they are an inherent legacy of the Kuwaiti society integrating its people and working towards establishing a civilized image of the State of Kuwait one generation after another.

Venerable speaker
Esteemed members,

Moral values are principles and practices that must be inarguably emphasized in confronting phenomenon and strange phenomena alien to the culture of our society and its customs and traditions. These values are included in all aspects of life.

National solidarity, loyalty and belonging are the fortress for our present and future on this beloved land and absolute consensus is in the public interest, without which the construction would be hampered since there can be no construction with disunity, entering into the web of personal whims.

Today, more than ever, we are in need of rearranging the foundations and components of our internal situation, since we are in a world where barriers have been removed and requirements increased. We are all aware of the of the dark clouds that hang over our region, therefore the security and stability of our country remains our major preoccupation, this calls for high vigilance, caution, cooperation and dedication.

It is noteworthy to mention that the government has commenced dealing with a number of issues perhaps the most prominent being:
Following up of the situation in the Kuwait Stock Exchange in light of the slump in company share prices listed on the market, containing the repercussions of the global financial crisis and alleviating their impact on the local economic situation, wherein the government initiated precautionary and relief measures to enhance monetary , financial as well as banking stability, supporting the private sector by boosting confidence in its capability and efficiency in confronting and overcoming this difficult phase.
Adopting a number of procedures to upgrade and develop health care services and modernize them in all medical fields and on all levels. Seeking the assistance of consultative medical teams from various developed countries distinguished in the fields of diagnostics and treatment.
Facing soaring prices of food and consumer goods and commodities through adopting a number of practical measures that handled developing the technique of government subsidization of goods and commodities, consumer cooperative societies actions, all relevant bodies, means of price control, means of combating profiteering, defraud to achieve illegal profits, protect consumers, and securing a decent living for all residents of this land. 
Dealing with all aspects related to immigrant labour particularly, the drawbacks facing the organization of this sector and holding the concerned bodies responsible for crimes of  breach of  the labour contract and attain justice as well as preserve the rights of all those living in Kuwait.
 The follow up of law implementation pertinent to infringement on state property and completion of the implementation of all phases of the comprehensive plan to remove the violations and trespassing on state property in various areas.
Enhancing bilateral relations with friendly countries through official tours and visits, boosting the definite desire to open new horizons of distinguished relations and prompt cooperation in all fields and domains of development, especially the economic, whereby achieving join interests of both parties.

Speaker of the venerable national assembly
Esteemed members,

In the framework of constitutional and legal jurisdictions, the government prepared a draft of the five year development plan 2009/2010-2013/2014, through evaluating the current development status and identifying the impact of local, regional and international shifts and the basis of transforming the long term objectives into medium term objectives.
This, in the light of Kuwait's future vision for 2010/2035 and its strategic objectives to transform Kuwait into a financial and commercial hub; where the private sector leads the economic drive in the country. The government will submit the draft plan to your venerable assembly according to the commitment it took upon itself to pave the way for responsible dialogue between both branches over this vital project to serve the interest of the country and citizens at present and in the future.
The government has been keen to place a mechanism aimed at coordinating with the assembly to prioritize issues and necessitate the endorsement of pertinent laws, with the aim of accelerating the much pursued development achievements.
The government has also recently submitted to your venerable assembly its agenda for the next phase; it has been keen for the endorsed projects and reforms in the agenda to be implemented according to a fixed schedule, while specifying the means of follow up and rectification so as to personify them in the best way. Hence, with the knowledge that the government agenda contains (25) key points reflecting construction and executive projects submitted by (54) government authorities distributed over four years that represent the constitutional jurisdiction of the government and the projects listed in the agenda.

The key points of the government agenda focus on foreign policy issues and regional stability, concern for issues of defence, security and justice, establishing pillars for  all sectors of the national economy, paying attention to bolstering culture and information, consolidating our religious values and civilized culture, developing public services; education, healthcare and housing and developing legislative and informatics basis in line with the latest  systems.

While we confirm the necessity of government commitment to implementing the agenda within a deadline, there can be no doubt that everyone is looking forward to serious and objective discussions which will be held for these important issues under the roof of your venerable assembly which will contribute to the national effort and the accomplishments we pursue.

Speaker, esteemed members,

This legislative term along with the upcoming sessions will be overloaded with tasks and responsibilities, we as a government and assembly shall bear the brunt of them. This is the pledge you undertook to fulfill.
We stress the ethics of parliamentary conduct when controlling and issuing legislations within the constitutional framework and the regulator for the internal standing order within the fixed parliamentary constraints and practices, along with established constitutional provisions. We also emphasize the significance that each branch adheres to, and respects its jurisdictions, empowering them to accomplish their tasks in accordance with article (50) of the constitution, however there can be no alternative for the serious and fruitful cooperation between the assembly and the government in the framework of complementary relations, which require new rounds of positive collective action, this contributes to attaining the public interest and sets the steady comprehensive development process on the right track.

On this occasion, I reiterate my appeal to commit to realism in our thoughts and hopes putting Kuwait first, so that our efforts are not in vain and the objectives are not unattainable.

It is of the up most importance to be aware of the regional and global developments which require us all to endow the spirit of responsibility and invest our time, efforts and potentials and transcend traditional means in dealing with vital projects, shifting to a new phase of serious action mainly; the initiative in implementing the recommended laws to tackle issues that concern citizens and exclude uncalculated recommendations of a temporary nature, as well as developing government performance, including eliminating the complexity of  administrative bureaucracy while implementing the principle of reward and punishment in the frame work of duties and obligations and applying the law to all. Doubtlessly, accomplishing such hopes will not be achieved without a media capable of creating and enhancing an enlightened public opinion, establishing the principle of responsible freedom and adhering to objectivity in practicing the positive role we pursue in performing the noble function of the media which would contribute to bolstering the elements of national unity and maintaining relations with brotherly and friendly states.

Speaker, esteemed members,

Kuwait is resolved to continue its development course through benefiting from the positive aspects of modernity and the accomplishments of civilized progress. Our first objective is to shift from an oil dependant economy as a basic source of revenue to a diversified economy where the creativity of our youth is manifested, particularly after the ramifications of the latest global economic developments and their impact on our national economy and other economies, along with the sharp and quick drop in oil prices within a short time span; this means we are required to pursue related consecutive global developments to enhance an open economy in all fields and sectors, where the private sector leads the development course in its different fields thus, contributing to boosting the productive groundwork , serve the national economy and transform Kuwait into a distinguished commercial and financial hub.   

Speaker, esteemed member,

We must all persist in consolidating our efforts in light of the integral comprehensive development movement to realize our aspirations and place Kuwait in a stature it is worthy of.
Time has caught up with us, and we have confronted modern challenges that compel us to act quicker to accomplish our aspirations, yet we are convinced that the true essence of men shine in the face of these challenges, and Kuwait's wealth emanates from its loyal people, whom we pray will be guided by the blessing of Allah, united in their objective to elevate the stature of Kuwait.

I pray to Almighty Allah to assist you in your endeavors, for it is He who grants success and it is He who guides our way, as the Almighty spoke in the Holy Koran " And fulfill(every) commitment . Indeed, the commitment is ever (that about which one will be) questioned.
 Allah Almighty has Spoken the Truth.

Wassalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

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