The address of His Highness the Prime Minister at the National Assembly during the discussion on the tragic situation of the brotherly Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip  
  14 January 2009  

Venerable Speaker of the National Assembly,
Esteemed members,

The tragic humanitarian situation that our brothers the Palestinians are enduring due to the barbaric Israeli aggression is considered a crime against humanity; world conscience cannot accept or tolerate it under any circumstance or pretext. The State of Kuwait through its commitment to the Palestinian people reaffirms its appeal to the international community to assume its responsibilities, and take swift and urgent action to put a stop to the brutal Israeli attacks against innocent Palestinian civilians.

The State of Kuwait has condemned the despicable crimes inflicted on the Palestinians by the Israeli offensive in the Gaza Strip, calling upon the international community and particularly the permanent members of the General Assembly to act immediately and promptly in restraining Israel and halting its brutal aggression against the Palestinian people. 

Based on the directives of His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, Kuwait has declared its complete readiness to receive the injured Palestinians and treat them accordingly, providing health care services for them in its hospitals.
It has also assigned an air fleet to transport medical assistance, ambulances and food stuff to alleviate the suffering of our brothers in the Gaza Strip, as well as facilitating operations for collecting and delivering humanitarian aide from the Kuwaiti Red Crescent and the popular committees to support the our Palestinian brothers in confronting the aggression. Here, I wish to commend the role of the brotherly Arab Republic of Egypt for the facilities it has provided to all Kuwaiti relief convoys destined to the Gaza Strip. 
Out of His Highness the Amir's extreme concern in following up the grave and tragic developments faced by the Palestinian people, the events have occupied a great deal of His Highness' daily meetings and communications with leaders of brotherly and friendly states in a serious attempt to put an end to the bloodshed in the Gaza Strip.

His Highness the Amir looks forward to meeting their majesties, their highnesses and their Excellencies of brotherly Arab States during the Arab Economic, Social and Development Summit which Kuwait will be hosting next week, where the Israeli aggression on the  brotherly Palestinian people will be in the forefront of their concern and discussions to end this humanitarian catastrophe.

Venerable Speaker of the National Assembly,
Esteemed members,

The State of Kuwait has contributed effectively to the efforts exerted to put a stop to the brutal Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people; through its participation in Arab, regional and international meetings, amongst which, is the Arab League ministerial meeting held in Cairo recently and resulted in forming an Arab Ministerial Committee to carry out necessary contacts with member countries of the Security Council.

The outcome of these efforts was the issuance of Security Council resolution calling for amongst other matters, an immediate cease fire. Kuwaiti diplomatic efforts continued on all levels in contacting relevant countries especially Security Council members and members of the International Quartet Committee involved in the peace process to confirm the necessity of taking speedy action to deter the Israeli aggression and end the genocide Israel is executing against our brothers in Gaza.

Venerable Speaker of the National Assembly,
Esteemed members,

The State of Kuwait affirms that the brutal crimes taking place in Gaza are a form of terrorism Israel is carrying out against innocent civilians, thus it renews its call to the international community to assume its responsibility and put an end to this humanitarian tragedy suffered by our Palestinian brothers in Gaza.
We also reaffirm our continued support for our Palestinian brothers and their just cause, working towards achieving a just and comprehensive peace in the region, and establishing a Palestinian State with Jerusalem as its capital.

Wassalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh.

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