The address of His Highness the Prime Minister at the first session of the Cabinet  
  30 May 2009  

In the Holy name of Allah The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful.

Esteemed Cabinet members,

I am honored to fulfil the desire of His Highness the Amir to assume the position of Prime Minister and I would like to convey to you my esteemed colleagues, my appreciation for your acceptance to participate in assuming the responsibility of government and its liabilities in the first of many constructive meetings. I also wish to express my appreciation to His Highness the Amir for his customary support, blessings and guidance.
Not forgetting on this occasion, to commend the spirit of responsibility evident in members of the former government and their sincere efforts in serving the country and its people.

Esteemed colleagues,

We look forward today to a new phase of national action, no doubt we are all aware of the magnitude of challenges and responsibilities with its internal and external dimensions. However, if we are required to overcome the state of political strain that has burdened the country with its ramifications, then we are obliged to demonstrate joint resolve and effort to rise to the great responsibility and steer reform and development as a means of achieving development objectives.

We have had a harsh experience, let's acknowledge that we are all responsible for its bitter consequences on all levels, there is no other option but to rise to the level of responsibility we have been charged with. It is neither productive nor acceptable to continue wasting irreplaceable time and money, consequently, delaying development.
As we look forward to a promising future, we will not allow a repetition of events, rather, we must all refresh our memory and learn from that experience which I hope we can put behind us as we proceed forward and establish a new course of action, production, evaluation and accountability in the framework of national rights and duties, adopting a responsible approach in practicing our jurisdictions and the manner we tackle different issues that concern the country and people.

Esteemed colleagues,

Perhaps the first thing we anticipate with the commencement of government action is the directives of His Highness the Amir, particularly those he highlighted associated with the future of the country and its development process, above all, preserving national resolve and unity, enhancing harmony between the people of Kuwait and realistically translating our adherence to the values and principles set by Islam , our customs and traditions that have been passed down, along with establishing the State of law and institutions that enforces rights, security, equal opportunities, protecting vested rights and realizing goal. This, along with diligent and persistent action to fulfill the needs of citizens, especially, in essential services like healthcare, education and housing dispelling their concerns and alleviating the hardships of daily life, making them regain confidence in the performance of State apparatuses which requires a developed scientific and practical approach, depending on realistic and comprehensive planning and effective implementation programmes.

Esteemed colleagues,

Despite the importance of this approach, there are constitutional controls on government action as a priority in practicing its tasks and responsibilities, these are:

First: Compliance with the provisions of article (128) of the constitution guarantees:
Ministerial solidarity confirming a unanimous position by all members of government concerning the cabinet’s action, and all issues and matters raised locally and abroad, epitomizing this solidarity by collectively defending government policies in dealing with issues and problems. 
Committing to reinforcing the relation between the national assembly and the government in the framework of a harmonious approach, which allows for a consistent formula of joint action mechanisms projecting forms of cooperation to confront different subjects and issues, as well as preparing the medium for positive dialogue and defuse political discord.

Besides compliance with these constitutional controls, there are contexts that form the cornerstone to the success of government performance foremost:

First: Persistence in setting a realistic agenda to meet the genuine needs in the framework of the endorsed plan for sustainable development in both the long and short terms. The programme must be applicable according to high efficiency mechanisms i.e. follow up, appraisal and accountability should there be any shortcomings. Therefore each party is required to be aware of its role in implementing the projects it's responsible for, according to a scheduled timetable in a way that affirms institutional action not subject in its implementation to pressures, enhancing the authority of the government decision and affirming credibility in its application, thus consolidating the mutual confidence with the citizens.

Second: Compliance with law implementation without exceptions.  The importance of serious application of the laws is indisputable in affirming the standing of the Sate and enhancing the confidence in the performance of institutions. This requires an initiative to set the necessary mechanisms that review, develop and modernize the legal structure in response to the needs of comprehensive necessities and in accordance with the changes, absorbing the demands of the contemporary State.

Esteemed colleagues,

The previously mentioned are features of the general framework of the government's action, it requires collective cooperation and concerted efforts in a practical and responsible manner. It is evident that government performance is being scrutinized and everyone is anticipating a will for change towards further preparation, vigilance and altruism; this requires distinguished efforts and extraordinary conferring dispelling the sentiments of concern, frustration and anticipation felt by citizens, in order to drive forth the course of development.
It is evident that the state of political, security and economic turmoil in the region with its consequential challenges; internally and externally requires us all to be prepared to confront them in every accessible means to preserve the country's stability and maintain its prosperity and civil progress which we pursue. We pray to the Almighty to assist us in restoring Kuwait's leading role in the democratic practice ,achieve our objectives and reach the heights we aspire to under the leadership of His Highness the Amir and His Highness the Crown Prince.

Wassalamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh.
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