The address of His Highness the Prime Minister Before the Sixty – Four Regular Session of the United Nations General Assembly  
  25 September 2009  

Mr . President,

It is my pleasure to convey to you in the name of the State of Kuwait and in my name personally our most sincere felicitations on your election as president of the 64th   session of the United Nations General Assembly .
Your long work experience both regionally and internationally shall be an important asset to achieve the desired success for the workings of this important session of the General Assembly .

We also wish to pay tribute to the presidency of your predecessor, the reverend Miguel D 'Escoto Brockman, the former Foreign Minister of Nicaragua during the past session .

I cannot fail to express our appreciation for the efforts and good offices of His Excellency the Secretary -General of the United Nations Mr. Ban Ki -Moon as well as the staff of the United Nations Secretariat for the sake of peace and security, also to improve the performance of the United Nations bodies and to enhance and develop their capacities, so as to keep pace with the new international conditions and respond effectively to the challenges and dangers of our world today .

Mr.  President,

Never before has the world been in such a need for a strong effective global organization, as it does today, the diversity of the challenges, the crisis ,the new developments and their complexities which confront our world today, in addition to the regional and international questions which remained unresolved for a long period of time, require all states to assume needed financial resources to enable it to perform its duties and discharge its responsibilities effectively with advanced methodology . Also, the United Nations itself has a responsibility to improve its own administrative structure, its performance in the field, and raise its capabilities to sense and monitor new developing challenges, and rise to a level which would match the dangers of the times in which the world lives, and requires bold initiatives, quick action and effective cure .

The issues of terrorism, eradication of poverty and hunger, combating dangerous diseases, such as HIV AIDS, malaria, in addition to the H 1N1 flu virus, which has spread recently in a frightful manner all over the world, add to that the spread of the scourge of illegal drugs . These are issues that require from our organization a non conventional joint action that recognizes the dangers, diagnoses the crisis, prepares the resources, and intervenes effectively in a radical and collective fashion .

Also, stirring regional and specialized organizations to action in a concerted and organized effort is considered an important asset in combating these challenges .

There are other challenges and threats that the international community still suffers from their effects, most prominent are the financial crisis that negatively impacted the economies of developing countries, it impeded their efforts to achieve the millennium development goals, which resulted in the emergence of economic and social problems, such as high rate of unemployment, a decline in the rate of economic growth, the collapse of financial markets and an obvious contraction in regional and world trade . In this regard, we welcome the final document adopted by the high level meeting convened by the president of the General Assembly last June, where commitments were made to assist developing countries to overcome the effects of the financial crisis through the increase of official development aid, the improvement of the international trade system and emphasizing the need to continue the reform of the international financial institutions to ensure equitable representation in their executive boards, improve their oversight role, as well as , improving the conditions for providing financial and technical assistance for developing and least developed countries .

This effort along with the joint arrangements led to the emergence of signs of global economic recovery during the last few weeks . It is our hope that such action will flow to address a no less dangerous crisis, that of climate change and the degradation of the environment . This problem requires an urgent global response . In this regard, we look forward to the success of the important conference, which will be held in the coming month of December in Copenhagen, Denmark .

Mr . President,

Kuwait is honored to host during the middle of the coming month of December, their majesties and highnesses the leaders of the Cooperation Council of the Arab Gulf States in their 30 th Summit Conference, where they will have before them an agenda replete with issues which will be topped by a project of vital importance to the integration of those states, which is linking the electrical power grids between the states of the Cooperation Council . We hope this strategic step will be the start of many others, among which is the project of monetary unification and the issuance of a unified gulf currency .

Mr. President,

The State of Kuwait is proud to top the list of Arab States, and hold the 33 th position globally in human development . As the report issued this year by the United Nations development program shows, Kuwait scored the highest marks among Arab States in the fields of education, health and public freedoms . Let there be no doubt that the government of Kuwait shall continue exerting its efforts to advance economic and social conditions, and seek to fulfill all of the millennium development goals even before the targeted date, which will provide a better life for its citizens .

The State of Kuwait is also proud to top the list of Arab States and hold the 3 rd place globally in the field of combating illegal drugs and their trade, through an intensive national effort and broad regional cooperation which achieved outstanding results .

On the other hand, the State of Kuwait will continue to follow a steady course in fulfilling all of its commitments to international and regional institutes, funds, and programs operating in the fields of aid development as, well as supporting infrastructure projects in the developing and least developed countries . Kuwait will also continue to contribute to development projects through the Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development, which, since its establishment in 1961, has provided assistance in an amount that exceeds 14.5 Billion $ to more than a hundred countries . The State of Kuwait also took initiatives with a view to stimulate economic growth, raise the standards of living, and reduce poverty in states that suffered from increase in the prices of basic food commodities, for this purpose Kuwait established the " Decent Living Fund  " with a capital of 100 million $ , it also allocated   300 million $ to fight poverty in Africa through the Islamic Development Bank .

Despite the fact that Kuwait is a developing country, however, the percentage of humanitarian development aid it provides exceeds that adopted in international conferences where it reached 1.31 %  of its GNP compared to 0.45 % of the GNP of the member states in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development OCED .

Acknowledging the importance of economic cooperation and the trade exchange in consolidating relations between states, His Highness, the Amir of the State of Kuwait, Sheikh Sabah AL Ahmad AL Jaber AL Sabah convened the first Economic Development Summit Conference for the Arab states, which was held in Kuwait last January . In it a number of important ambitious economic projects were adopted in order to reach new horizons of partnership and cooperation. Also adopted was the proposal by the State of Kuwait to establish a fund with a   2 billion $  capital with a view to support and finance small and medium size development projects which will contribute to raising the standards of living of the Arab citizen. Kuwait pledged to contribute   500 million $ to this fund .

The Parliamentary elections in my country, Kuwait, which were held during the month of June of this year, represent a quality transformation in the Kuwaiti Parliamentary life, where four women obtained the trust and the support of the Kuwaiti voters . They now join their brothers in representing the Kuwaiti people, and express their ambitions under the dome of the people 's congress . This civilized accomplishment comes after Kuwaiti women achieved success in the fields of private enterprise, public as well as private government work, including holding ministerial positions in the Kuwaiti Cabinet .

We express our pride and appreciation for the significant achievements of Kuwaiti women, and will continue to support their role as active partners in the political, economic and social ambits .

Mr . President,

With much sorrow and pain, the question of Palestine remains unresolved for over six decades now. Despite numerous international efforts and initiatives launched by a number of international and regional sides . However, a source of major concern is the deteriorating political, economic, social and humanitarian situation in the occupied Palestinian territories, including East Jerusalem, as a result of the continued exercise of Israel, the occupying power, of its illegal policies and practices in contradiction to international law and relevant United Nations resolutions .

In this regard, we   renew our condemnation of the repeated Israeli aggressions on the occupied territories, particularly, the military aggression on Gaza in December of last year, which killed more than 1400 Palestinians, the majority of them were women and children, as well as the unjustifiable destruction of homes, properties and civilian infrastructure facilities. We call upon the international community, and the security council in particular, to assume their responsibilities and take whatever measures needed to stop Israel 's violation of international humanitarian law and confront its settlement activities as well as the policy of collective punishment it imposes on the Palestinian people, through its blockade of GAZA and by restricting the freedom of access and movement of persons in all areas including the occupied territories, and to immediately halt Israel 's settlement activities under unacceptable pretexts .

The State of Kuwait also wishes to refer to the report of the United Nations fact finding mission, which clearly proves that Israeli forces committed war crimes during the brutal aggression on Gaza last year. This represents a grave violation of international humanitarian law. Therefore, our view is that it is incumbent upon the Security Council, and the United Nations to assume the responsibilities they shoulder, to stop these crimes against humanity and punish the perpetrators according to the applicable international laws .

Through its moral and national responsibilities, as well as its steady position in support of the Palestinian cause, in addition to supporting international efforts and endeavors to improve the living conditions in GAZA, to rebuild what the Israeli aggression on Gaza has destroyed, the State of Kuwait responded by voluntarily pledging to donate $ 200 million, this is over and above its commitments within the context of the league of Arab States to support the Palestinian authority .

Kuwait also took the initiative to respond to the appeal of UNRWA launched in December of last year, and donated the entire amount of the appeal in the sum of $ 34 million to cover the costs of the urgently needed relief aid .

In this context, we view that the Palestinian people will continue, unless a permanent, just and comprehensive peace is achieved, which must lead to ending the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories, the establishment of a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital, as well as a total Israeli withdrawal from all the territories it occupied after 4 June 1967,in implementation of relevant Security Council resolutions, the Road Map and the Arab Peace Initiative .

As for Iraq, the State of Kuwait commends the speedy endeavours and efforts exerted by the Iraqi Government to achieve peace and security as well as prosperity for the Iraqi people . Kuwait supports each and every action which will preserve the sovereignty of Iraq, its national unity, the integrity of its territories, and up holds the non -interference in its internal affairs. The State of Kuwait also condemns all acts of terrorism perpetrated in Iraq that aim to destabilize its security and stability and instigates detestable violent sectarianism .
To put an end to the so called sectarian conflict, the importance of resuming the policy of dialogue and national reconciliation emerges, in order to ensure ample participation by all the factions of society in all the phases of the political process, including the upcoming entitlement represented by the Parliamentary elections, to be held in the month of January of next year .

The State of Kuwait shall continue to back and support all efforts aiming at assisting Iraq to regain its standing and natural position in its regional and international environment, in order to build a democratic, unified and peaceful Iraq, living in peace with it self and its neighbours, committed to fulfill its obligations as provided by the resolutions of international legitimacy .

Concerning the conflict over the occupied Emirates Islands, the State of Kuwait hopes this conflict will be resolved by peaceful means, it calls upon the friendly Islamic republic of Iran to resolve this question through direct brotherly negotiations or resort to the International Court of Justice .

Mr . President,

The resolution of conflicts and settlement of differences between States particularly in our region, must depend on a set of firm principles, deeply rooted in international relations, and emanating from the resolutions of international legitimacy, the basis of international law, and if necessary seek a decision from the International court of Justice which will preserve the good neighbourly relations .

These basis and legal principles cannot be overridden to achieve the self interest of one side at the expense of another, for this does not, in any case, serve good neighbourly relations, nor builds mutual confidence and therefore, affects peace and stability between the sides, as well as international peace and security .

Mr . President,

We have followed with much interest the Security Council Summit which was held yesterday addressing one of the most important subjects concerning international peace and security, the subject of nuclear disarmament in order to create a world free of nuclear weapons .
Also we followed with satisfaction the unanimous adoption of resolution 1887  which sets the stage for a world free of nuclear weapons and weapons of mass destruction. A world that fulfills the hopes of humanity and ensures the safety and prosperity of the world 's peoples .

Mr . President,

Based on Kuwait 's belief and deep rooted conviction in the importance and the necessity of the disarmament of all weapons of mass destruction, and declaring the Middle East a region free from nuclear weapons. Kuwait renews its call for dealing seriously with Israel, the only country in the region that did not join the non -proliferation treaty, and calls upon Israel to join the treaty and subject all of its facilities to the inspection of the International Atomic Energy Agency ( IAEA) .

While Kuwait supports the right of all states to use nuclear energy for peaceful purposes, it hopes negotiations between the friendly Islamic republic of Iran, the IAEA and the concerned parties will continue with a view of reaching a peaceful solution for the Iranian nuclear file, which would dispel the fears and doubts surrounding its nature and purposes .

In conclusion, it is our hope that there will be a joint political will to achieve the noble purposes and principles of the United Nations Charter, as well as to confront the serious challenges facing our world today. There is also an urgent need to double the efforts to reject fanaticism, xenophobia, and to continue strengthening the dialogue between the different civilizations and religions as the ideal method for understanding between cultures. This will create an appropriate environment to consolidate the principal of mutual respect and builds bridges between communities .

Thank you, Mr . President .

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