The address of His Highness the Prime Minister at the meeting of the Supreme Council for Planning and Development  
  7 February 2010  

Esteemed Brothers, Members of the Supreme Council for Planning and Development,

Assalamu Alikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh

It gives me great pleasure, on the occasion of the commencement of the work of the Supreme Council for Planning and Development to convey my deep appreciation and profound gratitude for accepting to share with me the responsibility of  diligent national action at this delicate phase of our country’s strive towards welfare and prosperity.

Your venerable council played an important role in drawing the country’s five year development plan, which includes the objectives and strategies to achieve public and sectoral development, establish the State’s major development projects, draw the appropriate policies to realize these projects in terms of setting future policy to achieve development and progress in various economic and social fields in the country.

Your venerable council’s follow up of the annual draft plan for the year 2010-2011 was effective in confirming the connection between development plans and development projects with the government programme of action, that assists in defining the objectives of the country’s economic course according to a deadline, which indicates the government’s resolve in implementing its programme and the five year plan endorsed by the national assembly at its session last week.

Much appreciation to your venerable council for that.

With the planning phase over, the implementation phase has commenced and the reliable role of the national assembly is ever present, submitting its reports to your venerable council to follow up the implementation of the annual plan for the year 2010-2011 as part of the five year development plan; a criterion for the government’s success in its task to achieve a qualitative leap in government action driving the course of the country’s development and progress and realizing the aspirations of the people for a gracious and bountiful life.

Esteemed Brothers, Members of the Supreme Council for Planning and Development,

Referring the subject study of the illegal residents’ situation to your venerable council to examine and submit visions for handling this state permanently, is a recognition by the government of the vital role of this council in the public work system, and a confirmation of the long experience and astuteness of its members in perceiving national sentiments and guarding the higher interests of the country.

Finally, I pray to the Almighty Allah to grant us success for the welfare of the country and its people, in light of the wise directives of His Highness the Amir and His Highness the Crown Prince.

Wassalamu Alikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh.

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