The address of His Highness the Prime Minister at the first session of the Cabinet  
  8 May 2011  

In the Holy name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful

“Allah commands that you should render back the trusts to those, to whom they are due”

Ladies and Gentlemen, venerable members of the Cabinet, 
I was honoured to comply with the noble will of His Highness the Amir to assume the post of Prime Minister, as we were all privileged by the confidence His Highness the Amir placed in us and it is with much pleasure that we convey to His Highness our appreciation and honour at this confidence. It has not escaped us to also express our gratitude and appreciation to His Highness the Crown Prince for his sound directives and kind support, and on this occasion we commend the spirit of responsibility unequivocal in members of the former government, and their sincere efforts and obvious accomplishments in serving the country and people.

I am pleased, ladies and gentlemen as we are on the threshold of a new phase of national action with the assistance of Allah, to express my deep appreciation to you for accepting to participate in shouldering the burden of this sensitive phase in the history of Kuwait with all the challenges it embraces on all levels and fields and we pray to Allah for success in joint cooperation and solidarity to achieve our hopes and aspirations.

Ladies and Gentlemen

Today, we look forward to wide horizons and aspirations, and we must hurry to overcome the state of political fatigue that has burdened the country with its consequences and repercussions, rising to the level of responsibility on our shoulders and further sacrificing and exerting efforts to transcend with the assistance of Allah, to this great responsibility in confronting challenges and prompting reform and development to achieve the objectives of the development accomplishments. It is no longer beneficial or acceptable for the clock to turn back and continue the squandering of irretrievable time, effort and finances.
Hence, we look forward to a promising future, and we are required to establish a practical approach to pave the way for a new course of action, production, evaluation and accountability in the frame work of obligations and national duties.

Ladies and Gentlemen

Perhaps the first instructions we look forward to at the commencement of the work of the new government are those of His Highness the Amir, particularly the directives that he has persistently focused on, chiefly preserving national principles and unity, while rejecting the causes of unrest, dispersal and disunity. They also enhance the customary solidarity between the people of Kuwait, practically translating our adherence to the principles laid down by our virtuous religion and the heritage of righteous values, along with consolidating the State of law and institutions in establishing security and the rule of law, justice, equality and the protection of acquired rights. We should also work with resolve to translate the noble wish of His Highness the Amir in transforming Kuwait into a financial and commercial hub, activating development, boosting our national economy and supporting its components. Also, we must continue efforts to fulfill the needs of citizens, especially in the fields of vital services such as healthcare, education and housing, dispelling their concerns and alleviating the ordeals of daily life which will strengthen their confidence in the performance of the State. All this requires serious resolve and an advanced scientific and practical approach based on realistic and comprehensive planning and the effectiveness of the executive programme with appropriate follow up and accountability.

Thus, we must confirm that these efforts will not achieve the required results if the citizens are not persistent in practicing the necessary positive role, along with the responsible role our national media must play, as a reliable free podium to maintain public interest and preserve the reputation of the country and its national achievements and enhancing its relations with brotherly and friendly countries.

Ladies and Gentlemen

In spite of the importance of the programmed planning approach, there are constitutional controls and practical elements which form an unquestionable foundation to accomplish the desired success; these are matters that the government action requires as a priority in practicing its tasks and responsibilities. It is worth noting the following:

First: complying with the rules of article (128) of the constitution which guarantees:
Cabinet solidarity by confirming the agreement of all government members on a unanimous position concerning the functions of the cabinet and all issues and matters raised locally and abroad. This solidarity is exemplified in confronting existing issues and problems. Needless to mention, that this does not prevent probing different views and opinions on various issues until the correct opinion is reached in the public interest hence binding all cabinet members.

Second: Complying with the rules of article (50) of the constitution which stipulates that the system of government is based on the segregation of powers while cooperating at the same time. This necessitates: 
That the executive power practices its jurisdictions not relinquishing them by any ways or means, since it is not permitted for any power to yield part or all its jurisdictions, it is also not permitted for any power to interfere in the jurisdictions of other powers, this emphasizes the independence of powers in practicing their jurisdictions, thus, each power is responsible according to pertinent laws.

Complying with the rules of the constitution, internal regulations of the national assembly and the constitutional court decision concerning the relationship between the national assembly and the government, diligently acting to enhance this relationship in the framework of a method that allows setting an agreeable formula within the framework of the constitution which prepares for joint work mechanisms that consolidate the images of the desired cooperation to tackle the various issues and subjects raised,  as well as securing the means of constructive cooperation ,eliminating the atmosphere of tension ,defusing political strife and all other likely crises eventually guaranteeing suitable cooperation between the legislative and executive powers, resulting in speedy achievements within the framework of the rules of the constitution and the internal regulations of the national assembly.

Besides the compliance with these constitutional controls, there are initially corner stones for the success of the government, foremost:

  1. Developing the function of the cabinet to tackle some aspects of deficiencies and shortcomings, which impair the cabinet’s performance in different fields, and to appropriately invest cabinet meetings and deliberations by examining various issues and subjects; including activating the functions of ministerial committees by giving them a greater role in alleviating the burdens on the cabinet and providing it with the best consultations and opinions that are presented to it, along with incorporating national expertise in its work to achieve the desired results. This is an approach that epitomizes one of the most important principles of democracy through widening the circle of public participation and undertaking national responsibility in outlining the sound executive decision of the government action.
  2. Commitment to implementing the law on each person without exception, as the importance of establishing the standing of the State and boosting confidence in institutional performance is indisputable, hence shifting from slogans to implementation. This requires an initiative to place the necessary mechanisms and follow up, develop and modernize the legal structure in response to the requirements of comprehensive development, so as to coincide with the changes, understand the needs of the contemporary State and ensure all elements and needs which guarantee serious and complete commitment to correctly implement the law by all levels of employment.
  3. The commitment of the government to set a realistic agenda achieves the actual needs in the framework of the endorsed plan for sustainable development with its close and distant dimensions. The agenda must be implementable in accordance with highly efficient mechanisms that follow up, rectify and call to accountability should there be any shortcomings. This requires all parties to realize the limits of their role in implementing any projects assigned to them within the deadline; and it should be in a way that would lead to establishing institutional action that is not subject to strain and pressure during implementation. The result is to enhance the credibility of government decision and implementation, thus strengthening the mutual trust with citizens.
  4. Preserving public finances and property, and combating corruption: which requires formulating a practical and secure system that aims at finding preventative and restorative measures to safeguard State property and public finances in all government institutes, that exemplifies transparency in all its procedures which are referred to the audit bureau, including the appropriate instruments for accountability to all aspects of abuse of public finances. In this context the mechanisms for combating corruption ensure the necessary measures to face all forms and types of financial and administrative corruption, establishing integrity, transparency, justice and equal opportunities for all. This requires establishing a specialized national authority for this purpose and creating the necessary legislations in this respect.
  5. Through the importance of the role of youths in building the State, and in appreciation of their vital role to drive development in the country, it has become imperative to concentrate on their issues, problems and needs, and actually incorporate them in the development process as well as finding the appropriate mechanisms to empower them and raise their capabilities, educating them in adhering to national principles and unity, renouncing extremism and unrest, and finding the perfect job opportunities for them to raise a conscious generation able to handle its responsibilities in attaining progress, prosperity and high standing for the country.

Ladies and Gentlemen

Without belittling the importance of all other subjects and issues, the previously mentioned, forms a general outline for the most prominent issues that lay the groundwork for the new government’s action and it requires cooperation and joint efforts in a practical responsible way. It is obvious that the government action is subject to scrutiny, and all eyes are cast upon our next move which requires distinguished and exceptional efforts to dispel the citizens’ sense of concern, frustration and anticipation. Thus, I reaffirm that our arms are stretched out to the esteemed Mps and we have strong hope in achieving serious and fruitful cooperation to drive forth the course of development.

Ladies and Gentlemen

We must exemplify the general philosophy of ministerial and government action contrary to the conception of many, it is mainly to serve citizens and facilitate their interests, therefore open your hearts before your doors to listen to your problems and find practical solutions to tackle them.
I also appeal to you for cooperation and positive interaction with civil society institutes and benefit from efficient national specialists in different fields, since building a State is a comprehensive national project where everyone participates in bearing their responsibility.

While we follow with much interest and concern the unrest and tension sweeping across the region and the consequential challenges locally and abroad, we must be completely prepared to deal with the results and possibilities by all available means to preserve the stability and security of the country. I am firmly confident that you are keen to exert the utmost effort to carry out your national responsibility towards inciting progress and prosperity for our dear Kuwait. May Kuwait always and forever remain a land of security, welfare and advanced civilization. We ask Almighty Allah to support and assist us in reaching our national objectives, which we all look forward to under the leadership of His Highness the Amir and His Highness the Crown Prince.

Wassalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh.

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