The address of His Highness the Prime Minister at the National assembly after taking the oath  
  10 May 2011  

In the Holy name of Allah, Most gracious, Most merciful

“And fulfill (every) covenant. Verily! the covenant, will be questioned about”
                                                                     True are the words of Almighty Allah.


Your Excellency Venerable Speaker of the National Assembly,
Esteemed members,

I was honoured to fulfill the noble wish of His Highness the Amir to assume the position of Prime Minister, we were all proud of the confidence entrusted in us by His Highness the Amir, and we glad at the first of our fruitful meetings to convey our gratitude and appreciation to His Highness the Amir for placing his trust in us, and we express our appreciation to His Highness the Crown Prince for his sound directives and kind support. We must also commend the spirit of responsibility amongst members of the previous government and their sincere efforts and achievements in serving the country and its people.
 Ladies and gentlemen, It is imperative, as we are on the verge of a new phase in the course of the national action to point to the sensitivity of this crucial phase in the history of Kuwait, with its challenges on all levels and we ask the Almighty to grant us all success and to cooperate in achieving the aims and national objectives.

While we look forward to new and wider horizons of hope and aspiration, we must hasten to overcome the state of political weariness that has strained the country, and raise the level of responsibility we are charged with, exerting prompt efforts and sacrifices to become with the assistance of Allah, worthy of the great responsibility in confronting these challenges and driving reform and development.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Perhaps at the outset of our action, we look forward to the directives of His Highness the Amir, particularly those he emphasized; predominantly the preservation of national principles and unity, the renouncement of disunity and unrest, and the enhancement of the notorious unity between the people of Kuwait as well as the practical translation of our adherence to the principles of our virtuous religion and legacy of righteous values, along side the establishment of the State of law and institutions to strengthening security and heightening the legal authority also securing rights, justice, equality and the preservation of our traditions. 
We must diligently act to translate the noble desire of His Highness the Amir in transforming Kuwait into a financial and commercial hub to enhance our national economy and boost its basic components, as well as continuing efforts to fulfill citizens’ needs, especially in vital fields such as health, education, housing and others.

We must confirm that these efforts will not achieve the required results without the devotion of all institutes and persons to practice a positive role, along side the responsible role of our national media as a free and trustworthy platform to maintain the public interest, preserve the standing of the country and bolster its relations with brotherly and friendly countries.

The government also confirms that it will continue its foreign policy in accordance with primary principles based on the commitment to international laws and principles, respect the independence and sovereignty of States, neighbourly relations and non-intervention in the internal affairs of other countries. Along with the previously mentioned, the government stresses the importance of some elements that form the corner stone to attain the required success, and through the conviction of the cabinet in the importance of these issues, it has commenced by making a number of painstaking decisions in this respect and charged specific authorities to implement them within a given period. We may point to these elements as follows:

Keenness to enhance the positive relations between the assembly and the government by drawing up an agreeable formula within the framework of the constitution and joint action mechanisms, consolidating all types of cooperation to confront all issues and subjects raised, guaranteeing the means of constructive cooperation, dispelling tensions and defusing political discord and all other possible crises to eventually ensure healthy cooperation between the legislative and executive powers thereby reaping accomplishments , all this within the framework of the constitutional laws and internal and internal regulations. 
Commitment to the implementation of the law without exemption, thereby shifting from slogans to actual implementation, this requires initiating the required mechanisms to review and develop the legal structure in response to the comprehensive needs of development coinciding with the changes and the requirements of the contemporary State, securing all factors that will ensure the serious and complete commitment of all levels of employment to the proper implementation of the laws.
Charging the Ministerial Committee for Economic Affairs to cooperate with the Supreme Council for Planning and Development, the Government Performance Follow up Agency and various government departments for drafting the platform of the government for the next phase, in line with the Constitutional Provision 98, so that it would be forwarded to the assembly as soon as possible, within the framework of the planning strategy-adopted by the national assembly.
Charging the ministerial committee for legal affairs with cooperating with the relevant authorities, the Fatwa and Legislation Department, for enacting a draft law designed to address causes of undermining national unity, promoting sectarianism, tribal and factional views that are intended to divide the society, so that the offenders would be penalized. The commission is to present its bill in a month.
Charging the ministerial educational commission with cooperating with the relevant authorities, civil associations with working out a plan aimed at addressing misconceptions, facing acts aimed at causing division and discord among citizens, promoting patriotic identity and spirit, values of moderation and tolerance. A report in this regard should be filed within three months.
Assigning the ministerial commission for legal affairs and the ministerial commission for economic affairs with enacting a bill for setting up a national authority for integrity, combating administrative and financial corruption, as well as taking the proper measures in this respect. This bill is to be submitted in a month.
 Charging the ministerial commission to review the bylaws and procedures related to the administrative and financial supervision of the state departments, holding comprehensive coordination with these authorities (such as the Audit Bureau, the Central Tenders Committee, and the Fatwa and Legislation Department), with the aim of increasing the supervision and averting recurrence of offenses and irregularities, enhancing transparency, equal of opportunities in all government action, as well as preserving public funds. This should go hand in hand with speeding up execution of the ventures. The commission shall file its report to the Cabinet in two months time.
Assigning the ministries of information and communication with activating the procedures to enhance the role of the media for promoting the national interests and enlightening the public, maintaining and cementing the good ties with other nations for service of the common interests.
Charging the Minister of State for Municipal Affairs with cooperating with other relevant departments to speed up the drawing up of a bill for establishing the public authority for food control to ensure validity of the food stuffs. Violators shall be punished according to relevant laws within two months.
Assigning the municipality with preparing a bill to toughen sanctions against those who promote expired food and subjecting the consumer’s life to danger, with penalties including imprisonment and withdrawing licenses of the dealers within two months.

Without diminishing the importance of other issues, the previously mentioned forms the general features of the most prominent issues that lead to a new drive in the national action , this requires everyone’s cooperation and consolidating efforts on a practical and responsible manner.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We observe with much interest and concern the state of unrest that prevails in the region and the consequential internal and external challenges; therefore we must be fully prepared to deal with its outcome with all available means to secure the peace and stability of the country.
Past experiences present the strongest indication that political stability is a necessary condition to achieve security, economic improvement and the productive performance of the assembly and government together. This calls for a new tone and approach in the political action to organize practices and elevate the language, whereby we may achieve the comprehensive reform development project and the status we desire for our country and people, replacing frustration and concern with hope and optimism, as well as reviving strong resolve to build and reform.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The government confirms its genuine intent on cooperating constructively with your venerable assembly according to constitutional regulations and in adherence with the principle of segregation of powers, while fully cooperating in the State interest. The government also welcomes positive criticism and activation of objective supervision of its performance. Cooperation built on composed dialogue remains the ideal choice to establish mutual confidence between the assembly and government and dispel tension and unrest, leading to enhancing the accomplishments so that Kuwait is the biggest winner first and foremost. Hence, we must emphasize that cooperation is no longer an option but our fate that we have no alternative to, and an essential value that preserves our political system and national security. 

In this context, the government today has turned a new leaf in dealing with your venerable assembly, based on genuine cooperation with an open mind and sound heart, and clear intentions, aiming at dialogue, understanding and harmony. We hope that these good intentions are reciprocal so that we may work together to achieve the comprehensive reform project.

Venerable Speaker of the National Assembly
Esteemed members,

 Almighty Allah has bestowed us with many blessings, and we have the means of advancement, distinction and creativity, therefore Kuwait deserves to be on the highest pedestal, and its people to enjoy a comfortable and secure present and to be reassured of a prosperous future for the next generations.
It is in our power to launch serious and sincere action to drive the course of national action, motivate effective accomplishments to build our country and develop it , and achieve the aspirations of citizens.
We in the government, are strongly confident that the esteemed members of the national assembly are keen to promote cooperation between both powers to achieve the national objectives that we all desire for our dear country, so that together we may bear this great joint responsibility and our beloved Kuwait remains a country of security, prosperity and welfare.

Finally, we pray to Allah for his support and assistance, and ask that he grants us success and draw us closer together to serve the country and citizens under the leadership of His Highness the Amir and His Highness the Crown Prince.

Wassalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh.

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