The Amiri address at the opening of the fourth session of the thirteenth legislative term of the National Assembly  
  25 October 2011  

“O you who believe! Fear Allah and keep your duty to Him. And let every person look to what he has sent forth for the morrow, and fear Allah. Verily, Allah is All-Aware of what you do”.            Allah Almighty has spoken the truth.

Venerable Speaker of the National Asembly,
Esteemed members of the National Assembly,

Assalamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh,

Thanks be to the Almighty for making our national unity a fortified fence for our country, and a correlated structure granting us a firm option for our democratic approach, providing us with instinctive strength to protect our accomplishments and aspirations to build a bright prosperous future.

We are responsible before Allah and future generations for the many duties towards Kuwait, which are a necessity to fulfill. It is a huge responsibility that we ask the Almighty to assist us in performing. We are hopeful and are always confident that through everyone’s cooperation we will be able to achieve the goals and objectives in various fields.

Venerable Speaker of the National Assembly,
Esteemed Members of the National Assembly,

Article (104) of the constitution stipulates that the Amiri address is recited at every annual inaugural term of the national assembly; encompassing the state of affairs in the country and the most significant public affairs that took place during the course of the past year, and the action the government intends to take in this respect, i.e. projects and reforms during the new year. Although, we must acknowledge that the shortcomings that have tainted the previous legislative term have prevented fulfilling the required accomplishments and resulted in hindering the course of national action.
 The outcome does not meet the level of hopes and aspirations of the development undertakings, considering the extent of negative practices from members of the national assembly, accentuated by the prevalence of interpellations and debates. Our local arena is also weary of the endless slogans and speeches that have been of no benefit to the country whatsoever, they have caused wide spread popular resentment, which requires us to intensify our efforts to make the remainder of this legislative term an outstanding example to achieve the aspirations and the merited accomplishments that serve the country and its people.

Venerable Speaker of the National Assembly,
Esteemed members of the National Assembly,

Preserving the sovereignty and security of the country is the chief objective, and the government exerts all efforts and means to support our armed forces; providing the best and most sophisticated equipment and capabilities to defend the country and protect it from any risks or threats in collaboration with brotherly and friendly countries.

Thus, the government appreciates the vital role of the security forces and the National Guard in preserving the security and stability of the country and its residents, with their sacrifices and efforts by way of national duty and responsibility, and the government will spare no effort in assisting, supporting and paying them the necessary attention since they keep a vigilant eye on the security of the country and its people.

Venerable Speaker of the National Assembly,
Esteemed Members of the National Assembly,

The commitment of the State of Kuwait is firm in its established foreign policy approach, which is built on respect of the sovereignty of all countries and non-interference in their internal affairs, it seeks to cooperate with brotherly and friendly countries to exert all efforts towards achieving peace, security and stability in different regions of the world.

Events unfolding in our Arab region and the critical and sensitive changes along with their political, economic and sectarian dimensions, require wisdom and vigilance in handling them; unity and cohesion must be embodied between all spectrums and factions and Kuwait is not removed from their repercussions on our national security and the risks and threats involved. This places a responsibility on the government and assembly before Allah and history to reinforce our country and domain, preserve its components, enhance security cooperation between Kuwait and our brothers in the Gulf Cooperation Council Countries, and persistently seek to achieve further constructive cooperation with them to establish security in the region and reap the fruit of this cooperation together in all fields.

In this respect, the State of Kuwait remains committed to the principle of non-interference in the internal affairs of countries and respects the will of their peoples, hoping for a speedy end to the bloody confrontations in brotherly countries, to prevent bloodshed and achieve safety and security in their territories, so that efforts and capabilities may be channeled towards construction, development and prosperity.

The effective role Kuwait has assumed in contributing to any efforts that grapple with natural disasters and events facing humans everywhere, is guided by the firm resolve and the traditional values that distinguish our Kuwaiti society since Kuwaiti hands are ever present to alleviate damage and suffering that has befallen the afflicted in every event and calamity.

On the same note, the State of Kuwait affirms its commitment and full support of the Palestinian demands to obtain United Nations membership denoting a just, permanent and comprehensive solution to the Palestinian question, centered on pertinent Security Council resolutions.

The State of Kuwait also reiterates its felicitations to the government and People of the Republic of South Sudan for gaining their independence and acceding to the membership of the United Nations, which the State of Kuwait participated in since the beginning of the celebrations of the declaration of independence bydispatching a representative of His Highness the Amir.

In the same context, we congratulate the Libyan people on the victory of their revolution and the declaration of liberating the entire Libyan territory. We hope that the end of the previous Gaddafi regime will be a turning point towards attaining the hopes and aspirations of the Libyan People for security, stability and prosperity.

Thus, Kuwait is keen to enhance and develop relations with its neighbours based on mutual respect and joint interest, and in this respect we renew our commitment to provide all forms of support in assisting Iraq to implement its remaining international obligations stipulated by Security Council resolutions, to enable Iraq to practice its regional and international role.

The State of Kuwait calls upon the Islamic Republic of Iran to take serious and genuine measures to build the trust with the G.C.C countries, above all, adhering to international legitimacy resolutions and cooperating with the International Atomic Energy Agency to direct efforts towards establishing peace and security in the region, and realizing the common interest for its people.

Venerable Speaker of the National Assembly,
Esteemed Members of the National Assembly,

Undoubtedly, the most important aspirations required are those included in the development plan and the government agenda, which together, shape the integrated groundwork for the sustainable and comprehensive development plan, since the development plan reflects the State’s vision until 2035 by transforming Kuwait into a financial and commercial hub attracting investments, where the private sector spearheads economic activities, enhances the spirit of competition and raises production efficiency under an institutional State apparatus that supports values and national identity, achieves stable human development, provides the appropriate fundamental structure, advanced legislations and an encouraging business environment, and also guarantees the best investments for real financial surplus , driving it to generate sustainable development and serve the interest of citizens, providing them with the means of a respectable life at present and in the future. Certainly, the top priority in this plan is to concentrate on the Kuwaiti citizen, improve his standard of living and raise his capabilities and scientific and practical potentials.

In light of the objective review of existing national data in all its aspects and dimensions, specialized authorities have devoted all their capabilities to implement the needs and development aspirations incorporated in the State development plan, which has witnessed a launch of many projects; work has commenced on constructing Mubarak Al-Kabeer port, designing the project for renovating and expanding the airport, and currently the completion of work on the different housing estates and Sheikh Jaber hospital project, work also continuous on the northern  power plants of Subiya and Shuaiba, while oil companies continue to implement purposeful projects to improve and develop oil production.

Through the conviction that the fundamental requirement for real development is human development, the authority for academic accreditation and quality education has been founded and work is underway to complete Sabah Al-Salem University City as well as the establishment of six cultural centres and a sophisticated opera house.

In the framework of the government’s quest to develop education and raise the educational process, the e- book has been introduced in schools recently with the aim of initiating the use of technology in the teaching process; lighten the load of the school bag, add to the learning benefits for students along with showing consideration for the teachers and extending a helping hand to support them in their noble mission.

Thus, the government has begun to provide more basic services for citizens with the increase in demand for them in cooperation with the private sector, through launching an array of development companies in the housing field, such as low cost structures of no less than 9000 housing units, inviting tenders for the northern border warehouse company, the health insurance company, establishing the Kuwait national health authority, Khiran company for constructing housing estates, and the forthcoming tender for the northern Al- Zour power generating company and other projects in the fields of electricity and water, information, communication, hospitals and auxiliary and supporting services like schools, hospitals and other services that facilitate the affairs of citizens and improve the standard of services.

In realizing the State development vision, there are ambitious proposals set for implementation, including the proposed metro and city of silk projects, and in emphasizing the pivotal role of the private sector in the development plan, the government stresses its resolve to promote the role of small businesses and bolster the initiatives for such projects to laud their role in the gross national product, the government has made promising strides in this direction like issuing the privatization law, and supporting the small projects development company, this in the framework of meaningful projects to activate the special fund for offering easy debts, credit facilitation and technical and administrative logistics services for youths’ initiatives.

Venerable Speaker of the National Assembly,
Esteemed Members of the National Assembly,

In attending to the economic issue, it is worth mentioning that a consultative committee has been formed to examine the speedy economic developments on the international level and their repercussions and ramifications that present a grave threat to the national economy and the future of the next generations.
The committee has commenced its tasks swiftly to set procedures that ensure correcting the course of the public balance sheet and activating the role of the private sector, to assume its responsibilities in the effective contribution to the economic activity, and tackling all the deficiencies that impede our national economy.

The government asserts that the economic reform measures are governed by consideration to those of low income, whereby they are not burdened in facing the hardships of daily life, while committing to raising the awareness of citizens to the contents and objectives of the reform measures, and the positive results it holds for them present and future.

Venerable Speaker of the National Assembly,
Esteemed Members of the National Assembly,

The government acts to achieve welfare and prosperity for the people of our dear country Kuwait, and it hopes that issues raised are based on good intentions, governed by the requirements of national matters, reflecting the people’s hopes and aspirations and contribute to providing the fundamentals of a respectable standard of living for citizens.

In relation to achieving the legislative requirements of the development plan, the government has submitted some key projects to your esteemed assembly primarily:

  1. Draft law for safeguarding national unity.
  2. Draft law for issuing the annual plans for 2011/2012.
  3. Draft law for combatting corruption and disclosing financial liability.
  4. Draft law concerning insurance against unemployment.
  5. Draft law for the establishment of the public authority for food and nutrition.
  6. Draft law regarding the public authority for manpower.

And other draft laws that acquire a special significance.

 The government is hopeful that the esteemed assembly gives them the attention they merit and execute them expeditiously.

Venerable Speaker of the National Assembly,
Esteemed Members of the National Assembly,

There are many aims and objectives ahead of us and we must demonstrate sincerity in our action and devotion in performing our duties, transcending the endless waste of time, effort and procrastination, so as to raise the comprehensive process of nation building to reach the high standing it merits.

Respect for the law and constitution reinforces the State of law and institutions, no one is above the law, and no authority surpasses its authority, our just legal system shall remain the sound arbitrator respected by all and a place of pride for the integrity and impartiality of its men in implementing justice.

Venerable Speaker of the National Assembly,
Esteemed Members of the National Assembly,

 The problem of illegal residents receives attention on the official level to find a fundamental solution, and a decree has been issued to form a central body to address the status of illegal residents, and to place mechanisms and instruments that ensure finding effective solutions for the problem in cooperation with various relevant authorities in a comprehensive way that observes all security, humanitarian, legal, social and economic considerations. The body has commenced its functions in accordance with the devised framework, which we hope will achieve the desired results within the stated five years to solve this problem comprehensively.

Venerable Speaker of the National Assembly,
Esteemed Member of the National Assembly,

While the government asserts its genuine desire to cooperate positively with your esteemed assembly, it welcomes all constructive criticism to enhance joint efforts for further accomplishments, since our constitutional system is based on the segregation as well as the cooperation of Powers, it is keen to prevent them overlapping and engaging in dual practices, respecting constitutional restrictions of each Power without confusion or ambiguity. There is no harm in demonstrating differences of opinion and contradictory efforts, as long as they are chiefly in the national interest, and the dialogue is productive and governed within the constitutional framework and internal regulation of the national assembly and the observed laws. Let us be aware that the desired success between both Powers to fulfill their responsibility is a matter that requires adherence to the principles of parliamentary action, preservation of the monitoring instruments, their functional authority and their constitutional essence.

Practices have confirmed that the overlapping of Powers and transcending the confines that segregate them, and the consequent misuse and confusion, breaches the standing of the constitution, squandering potentials and efforts without serving the national interest, thus, adhering to the principle of power segregation and cooperation at the same time activates article (50) of the constitution that is imperative in ensuring the strength of the State. The required cooperation is a reasonable objective that does not infringe upon the rights of members of the national assembly; on the contrary, it ensures the proper utilization of the monitoring instruments and accountability in line with criteria and conditions defined by precepts of the constitution and internal regulations of the national assembly, and the resolutions reached by the constitutional court.

The government thereby affirms that it respects the constitutional rights of all deputies of the national assembly; in return, it hopes that the esteemed deputies respect its constitutional rights and the instruments they uphold, particularly that the government action is clear and subject to transparency and openness, and it is prepared to cooperate with all, for the welfare and stability of Kuwait.

Under these principles that govern us all, we cannot ignore some practices that have surfaced of late and which have raised many questions, necessitating caution and firm resistance, perhaps the most conspicuous of these practices is doubting integrities without proof, these are practices alien to the Kuwaiti society, its heritage, values and fixed traditions, and conflicts with democracy and the public interest.

Amongst other strange practices to our society, practices unfolded recently in the arena calling for strikes and abstaining from the workplace, which unfortunately are enticed by members of your esteemed assembly, these are alien practices and go beyond the framework of the law, we all realize that this is an offence on the State and its standing and sovereignty, detrimental to the interest of the country and its people. It is totally unacceptable and should not be underestimated.

While the government emphasizes its respect of public liberties, the right of free expression and voicing opinions, in the framework of the restraints defined by the law, which maintain the national interest, it denounces the anarchic strikes and abstentions from the workplace or the threats to do so. To harm the interests of the country and its people as a pressure tool, is considered a breach of the law; it is blatantly detrimental to the public interest, and responding to any demands will be only in accordance with an impartial and objective study exemplifying the continuous commitment to the interests of all citizens, through achieving justice and equity for all.

We are all aware that we live in a democratic country, and any demands must be made within the frameworks and legal and constitutional channels, provided that the demands are not factional or biased; the government is always prepared to examine all demands and respond to those that are impartial, since the noble objective we seek is to implement justice and equality, and that wealth and affluence of the country is enjoyed by all, present and future.

Venerable Speaker of the National Assembly, 
Esteemed Members of the National Assembly,

Past experiences have demonstrated that political stability is a fundamental and necessary prerequisite to achieve economic stability and the fruitful performance of any society. We have long been devoted to developing our economy in as much as we are keen to protect public funds and combat corruption, we must realize that this keenness to address the problems and challenges can only be achieved by positively tackling them, and presenting realistic solutions as well as proposing practical measures that present us with a surefire remedy to all the issues and problems we face.

We are strongly confident in our ability to meet eye to eye, with the resolve to effectuate positive change as a way to obtain the hopes and desired aspirations of the People of Kuwait in all fields and aspects of life, and raise the status of our dear Kuwait, establishing the sound and traditional democratic approach, both in concept and practice.

“(They say): Our Lord! Let not our hearts deviate (from the truth) after You have guided us, and grant us mercy from You. Indeed, You are the Bestower”.

Allah Almighty has spoken the truth.

May Allah grant us all success.

Wassalamu Alikum Warahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh.

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