At the extraordinary meeting of the cabinet to examine the draft amendment to the electoral system.  
  17 April 2006  

In the Holy name of Allah most gracious most merciful

Your Excellency, Speaker of the National Assembly,

Esteemed Members,

 To begin with, it gives me much pleasure to commend the great interest demonstrated by the esteemed members in the crucial issue we are discussing today, which reflects their genuine desire to embrace the sound parliamentary practices and achieve its noble objectives in serving the interest of the country and its people. 

On this occasion, I cannot but confirm on my behalf and on behalf of my colleagues the Ministers that we share in this desire and interest, through a deep rooted conviction and firm belief in the necessity of addressing the drawbacks which impede our democratic progress and achieving all the hopes and aspirations our people pin on us.

In translating this concern, the Cabinet formed a Ministerial Committee on the tenth of October 2005, headed by the First Deputy Premier, five Ministers and five personalities renowned for their efficiency, expertise and sincerity to undertake studying the drawbacks of the electoral system and recommend means of tackling and developing it, in a bid to enhance a sound diplomatic practice and accomplish national aims.

The committee set out to perform its tasks and charged a work team among its members to prepare the required study. Over the past few months, the team studied all the details, aspects and dimensions related to the electoral system, including the issue of amending the electoral constituencies, and has recently concluded a report which contained its visions and recommendations during two meetings, the last of which was last Saturday evening at eight thirty, and has submitted it to the Cabinet in view of the limited time available to it. The Cabinet, at a meeting held in Kuwait International Airport yesterday evening, examined aspects of the report submitted by the Ministerial Committee but was unable to complete examining its technical, legal and constitutional details, and the possible consequences and effects of the recommendations it included during this meeting.

Undoubtedly, you are aware of the government's resolve concerning this matter with respect to the practical steps it has taken, which reflect its persistence and interest in accomplishing it as hoped. This confirmed the government's approval around two months ago to bring forward the date of discussion in your venerable Assembly to April 17th 2006 instead of the prior date of June 30th, 2006.
Based on the mentioned, the government is fully confident of your Assembly's understanding of the Cabinet's need for more time to complete its examination of the issue, and thus enable it to present its final conceptions. Therefore, the government submits a request to include the discussion of this issue at Monday's session May 15th, 2006, and expresses its hope that the cooperation sought between the venerable Assembly and the government will yield the best and most effective results which will guarantee tackling the existing drawbacks, and develop the electoral system, so that we may all improve our democratic approach and achieve our national aspirations. 

We pray to Almighty Allah to grant us success in the interest of our dear country Kuwait, enhance its security and stability and achieve progress and prosperity under the leadership of His Highness the Amir and His Highness the Crown Prince.

Wassalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh

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