Speech of His Highness Sheikh Nasser Al-Mohammed Al-Ahmed Al-Jaber Al-Sabah during the luncheon banquet held in honor of the nobles of the tribes and the country  
  30 May 2013  

Dear brothers,
I am very pleased to welcome you on this special day that brings together very dear people to my heart... I cannot describe my appreciation and my pride to be among the people of Kuwait… known for their magnanimity... for their courage... and for their hospitality... Welcome to all of you, and may God's gift of communication, kinship and solidarity that unites us be sustainable.
I congratulate you, dear brothers for the return of His Highness the Crown Prince Sheikh Nawaf Al-Ahmad from his treatment trip. May God give him good health and keep him for his brother HH the Emir Sabah Al-Ahmad.
These days coincide with the fiftieth anniversary of the hoisting of the Kuwaiti flag in the United Nations by HH the Emir, when he was Foreign Minister. "O Sabah Al-Ahmad! What a great career you have traced in the service of Kuwait. God bless you and keep you for your country.
Dear brothers,
I recently had the privilege to visit several Diwaniyas, and I personally witnessed the welcome, the love and the respect of the people of Kuwait, and I wanted to meet with you for a second time before my travel... Be sure this love, this appreciation and this respect is reciprocal. Be sure that the people of Kuwait are in our eyes and in our heart, even if our opinions diverge and our interpretations differ. Always be sure that the Kuwaitis, rulers and ruled, form one family, and that Kuwait existed to stay... Always be sure that the country is doing well thanks to God first, and then due to our father and guide HH the Emir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad and HH the Crown Prince.
Our meeting today is to pursue the path of communication, kinship and love drawn by our ancestors. It is not strange that we communicate with each other, and whoever knows the Kuwaiti people knows that fact very well. On the contrary, it is the failure to communicate that is strange.
Yes dear brothers... communicating with each other isn’t strange to us... you learned it from your ancestors and we learned it from ours. Despite the divergence of opinions, we are one family. Do you remember what the late Amir Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmed said when there was a disagreement between the Kuwaitis?: "I do not take a position against anyone, they are all Kuwaiti citizens and the right hand complements the left hand."

The late Amir Sheikh Abdullah Al -Salem gave us a lesson in equality when he said: "I ​​do not distinguish between a citizen and another. They are all equal in rights and duties... the best is the one that is the most useful to his country, and we all belong to this country."
As for the late Amir Sheikh Sabah Al -Salem, he taught us the pure love when he said: "I ​​and my people form one team... our religion is the same and our goal is to serve the people. I 'm with the people for better or for worse."
The late Amir Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad also gave us a lesson in nationalism. I still remember his words: "the Kuwaiti who was born in this country is a good sober person who lives within his religion and his good customs. If anger carries him away, brotherhood brings him back, and if the whim inclines him, loyalty straightens him up.”
Similarly, we have learned lessons in the national unity from our father the Emir Sheikh Saad Al-Abdallah, who used to say that all the crises that Kuwait faced throughout its history failed to break our country due to the divine care first and to the union and the cohesion of the Kuwaiti people.
HH Sheikh Sabah Al -Ahmad told us that Kuwait remains the balance of our intentions, of our words and of our actions... Yes, Kuwait and Kuwait alone.


Dear brothers,
I had the honour of working with the Emirs of Kuwait for many years... I can honestly tell you about the consistency that I witnessed between the governor and the governed in this dear country... the communication... the kinship... the support during misfortunes... sharing the joy... open doors... common frankness... it is a gift from God that we would like to convey to our sons... We would like to tell them that the divergence in opinions doesn’t spoil the friendship... We would like to tell them that despite this difference in opinions we remain loving brothers... We would like to tell our sons that posts don’t last; it is only our communication and our social coherence that distinguish us from other countries... and that is what we want to last...
My brothers... that is the history of Kuwait… a story of friendship... a story of cohesion... a story of affection... a story of mutual support... a story of kinship... a story of neighbourhood… a story of tolerance... and for me, despite the defamation I’ve been subject to sometimes, I do not keep any grudge against any Kuwaiti. And I advise you, as well as advise myself, to open your heart to tolerance, tolerance, tolerance...
As said Imam Al-Shafi'i : "Be a patient man... and let you be distinguished by tolerance and loyalty... tolerance covers all faults... as well as generosity."
God bless Kuwait and its people under the guidance of H.H the Emir and H.H the Crown Prince.
Welcome again my dear brothers.

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