Speech of His Highness Sheikh Nasser Al-Mohammad Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah during the ceremony held at the French embassy on the occasion of the International Day of the Francophonie  
  22nd March 2015  

Dear Ambassador of the Senegal and Dean of diplomatic corps,
Dear Ambassador of the French Republic,
Dear Ambassadors of the Swiss Confederation, Canada and the Kingdom of Belgium,
Dear Ambassadors of the Diplomatic Corps,
Dear the Representative of the International Committee of the Red Cross,
Our Fiends Francophone Friends,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

As usual since several years, we gather today to celebrate this beautiful cultural occasion of the International Day of the Francophonie. It is a great pleasure for me to share with you the celebration of this international cultural day that became over the last years a cultural event for all of us, Francophones and users and fans of the French language. I greet you and congratulate you on this beautiful annual occasion.

I would like on this occasion to thank Their Excellencies the Ambassadors of Switzerland, France, Canada, Belgium and Senegal for hosting this event.

Ladies and gentlemen,
The celebration of the International Day of Francophonie recalls sublime humanitarian meanings, and civilized advanced concepts. It evokes the values ​​of tolerance and the spirit of brotherhood and cooperation between different cultures, as well as the preservation of the ancient human heritage, which are the meanings that we badly need in the current deteriorated situation of the Middle East, under the shadow of the fierce attack of extremist and terrorist groups, that spoil the composition of the region, its cohesion, its culture, and its ancient heritage. It wasn't enough for these groups to destabilize peace and spread fear, destruction and killing or to force the areas that fell under their control to apply their anti-civilization barbaric concepts; it wasn't even enough for them to attack religious and ethnic minorities in the region, to try to humiliate them or liquidate them, and to attack and despise civilization, culture and arts, but they also destroyed the monuments of the region and attacked the heritage of humanity, thinking that by such criminal and barbaric practices, they can change history or falsify it. But history will remain eminent and will challenge this crazy alteration, and the region will keep its cultural and human reserve which is thousands of years old; it is able to defy terrorism and destroy its plans. And we, in this international cultural opportunity, we can only emphasize these meanings and these human values, through which we can co-exist on this planet in peace and harmony, and reject extremism in all its forms, its names, its affiliations and its orientations.

Ladies and gentlemen,
I have emphasized, on previous occasions, Kuwait's commitment to be the incubator of culture and arts in this region; and if Kuwait seeks to play this role, it does not depend on its wealth or ardent desire to do so, although they are two essential factors, but it depends on its population which has been open to other cultures since ancient times; incubating the culture and arts is equivalent to production, innovation and creativity; it is equivalent to the concept of give-and-take, and to the exchange of ideas and visions. We believe that Kuwaitis have a great cultural reserve and are able to play this role. Hence, we find that the number of Kuwaitis who speak foreign languages ​​is continuously increasing, as well as the number of Kuwaitis who speak French. Perhaps the last cultural event in this aspect is the celebration, several days ago, of the opening of the French language and culture department at the Faculty of Arts at the University of Kuwait, in collaboration with the Sorbonne University, which is an important cultural event for the academic future of the Arab cultural cooperation with the Francophonie in this region. We hope we'll have a new cultural event which supports the Kuwaiti and Arab cooperation with the Francophonie, every year we celebrate this day.

At last, ladies and gentlemen, I repeat my sincere congratulations to all of you on this great occasion.

Many thanks.

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