Speech of His Highness Sheikh Nasser Mohamed Al-Ahmed Al-Jabber Al-Mubarak Al-Sabah at the investiture ceremony of awarding His Highness the Star of Africa, with the grade of Grand Brand, in Liberia  
  21st April 2017  

Her Excellency Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, President of the Republic of Liberia,

His Excellency Mr. Joseph NyomaBoakai, Vice-President of the Republic of Liberia,

His Excellency Mr. G. Emmanuel Nuquay, Speaker of the House of Representatives,

His Excellency Mr. Armah Zulu Jallah, Interim Senate President,

His Excellency Francis Korkpor, Top Judiciary official and Chief Justice of Liberia,

Their Excellencies the President and Members of the Government,

Their Excellencies the President and Members of the Diplomatic Corps and Consular Missions,

Mr. ZazanKarour, Chairman of the Liberian Heritage Council and Members of the Council

President and Members of the Supreme Council of Churches

Mr. Iman, Head of the Muslim Council of Liberia and Members of the Council,

Ladies and Gentlemen,


Before I extend my greetings to all of you, I would like to convey to you the regards of His Highness the Emir of the State of Kuwait, and his best wishes for progress and prosperity to the Liberian people and government, as well as his pride in the friendship ties that bring together our two countries. I would also like to convey His Highness special greetings to the President of Liberia, Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, to whomhe has special and deep respect earned by her political and economic position in the world of today. As a matter of fact, the international community knew her before becoming the President of the Republic of Liberia, as an economist in the International Bank, then as the vice-president of the African Regional Office of Citi Bank, as well as the Head of the United Nations Development Program at the African Regional Office and as a member of the Board of Women’s International Leadership. She earned the respect of the international community and deserved to enter history as the first woman to be elected as a president in the African continent. In 2011, she was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize along with hercompatriot Lima Goboy and the YemeniteTawakul Kerman. Her constructive role in restoring the stability of the Republic of Liberia, promoting economic and social development, and strengthening the status of women, got Forbes magazine to rank her among the world's most powerful women in 2014.


I would also like to convey to you the condolences of His Highness on the passing of the Ambassador of the Republic of Liberia to the State of Kuwait, Mr. Konah K. Blackett. The Ambassador worked very hard to develop the relationship between our two countries,andhis death is the loss of a good friend of our country.


I would like to thank you for the award of the "Star of Africa with the grade of Grand Band." This Honor reflects the depth of friendship between our two countries and the sincere intention to further develop it.


Ladies and Gentlemen,


Liberia was one of the first African countries to start the process of modernization, by starting to develop its economy in the early 1940s. In the 1950s,it reached one of the highest rate of economic growth in the world. During those years, Roberts International Airport, which is one of the first international airports in Africa, was inaugurated. In addition, Liberia owns the world’s second largest record of marine navigation, which is about 11% of the world's ships. On the international level, Liberia was a founding member of League of Nations in 1919 and the United Nations in 1945 and was one of the most vocal critics of apartheid in South Africa. It supported the liberation and independence movements fighting against colonial Powers throughout Africa and contributed to the establishment of the Organization of African Unityand the African Union. These successful beginnings achieved by the Liberian people in the middle of the last century indicate that you are a people with great potentials, and with these potentials, you can carry out many remarkable achievements if you have stability and social peace.


If Liberia has lost its stability during the last decades, which led to its regression and to the loss of many of its pioneer achievements, I am sure that the tough experience of disintegration, chaos and fighting has taught the Liberian people to identify their strengths and weaknesses as well as risks and opportunities. It has strengthened their determination and their will to go ahead and construct what was destroyed and catch up on what they missed.


Ladies and Gentlemen,


Madame President, you have been able to increase the revenues of the State by 600 times, from 2005 until today, and according to the above and to the reform and development programs, I would like to point out with pride that the international political and economic indicators have shown improvement in Liberia, and regardless of the amount of that improvement, it’s still a strong indicator that you are going in the right direction to overcome your issues. The 2005 elections were a strong indicator of detente, and the international community considered them the most honest elections in Liberia's history, which created a feeling of relief among the international companies. This relief was reflected in the increase of foreign direct investment rate, which led to the increase of Economic agreements signed by major donor countries and companies with the Liberiangovernment.


Ladies and Gentlemen,


The foreign policy of Kuwait is characterized by a universal humanitarian trait. It has adopted the principle of supporting development projects in friendly countries, providing humanitarian assistance to the affected areas, supporting the victims of natural disasters, wars and conflicts and working to alleviate their suffering. It is a traditional policy that characterized the State of Kuwait since the sixties of the last century and got our country to be ranked the first in the Gulf, and the thirteenth in the world, in terms of supporting development projects. In addition to that, the State of Kuwait provides direct assistance or through government agencies and it has hosted several international humanitarian conferences and summits to raise funds to support afflicted people. I would like to point out that this humanitarian policy was established by my mentor, His Highness the Emir of the State of Kuwait, Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah, whose rule is distinguished by the humanitarian and relief aspect on a worldwide level, so much that the Secretary General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon described Kuwait as a "universal humanitarian center" and His Highness the Emir as the “Leader of Humanitarian Action”, confirming thus the positive and pioneering humanitarian role of Kuwait.


Ladies and Gentlemen,


I would like to extend my thanks to the Republic of Liberia, to its people and Government, especially to Her Excellency President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, for awarding me this high Honor which reflects the deep bonds of friendship between our two peoples and our mutual engagement to further promote the communication and rapprochement between our two countries. My best wishes to all of you for success and prosperity.

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